Lolly & YoYo / Press

“This infectiously energetic band of folks hail from our own beautiful backyard, Bucks County. This bands “positive message through movement” philosophy is inspiring to say the very least.”

"...this song is pretty darn enjoyable. Maybe it’s the fiddle. Yeah, the fiddle definitely helps, as does the giddy-without-being-hokey ‘tude shared by the members of the band. “Let’s Play Today” is a fun, feel good number and sometimes that’s all I need on a chilly Monday morn’."

“...Each of the 12 songs encourages movement, from actively jumping, marching, or getting rid of the silly illy willies to the gentler bookend songs that encourage participants to say hello at the beginning of the CD and goodbye at the end. There also are numbers about popping bubbles, moving like a variety of different animals, and freezing when the command is given. While movement is encouraged, the quieter, yet still lively and engaging tone of the vocals and melodies should result in children participating in the activities rather than becoming frenetic and running about. The length of the songs makes them perfect to use during story times or children’s programs. Parents will also enjoy this CD and find it an easy way to get kids moving when they are stuck inside due to inclement weather. The versatility of the songs makes this a must-have for every collection.”

Veronica De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library District, IL - School Library Journal

“Go! Go! Go! is a fun CD that little kids will enjoy. It would be excellent for rainy days when your kids need to get their energy out in a not-too-crazy kind of way or for preschool classrooms to use to incorporate pyhsical activity into their lessons.”