Loki the Grump / Press

“Hmmm... I like this. As the music starts, there's a huge crunchy punk sound that comes flying out...Such character. It's like a female Jello Biafra. Amazing!”

“This is music to get a speeding ticket to, to push and shove people to, to throw your ex's stuff out the window to… LOKI THE GRUMP is the itch you will love to scratch. Repeatedly.”

“Loki the Grump is not unlike a fine ale: smooth and refreshing with a bit of a kick...definitely punk-rock, but not in the rip-your-eardrum-out-viciously-and-throw-it-up later type way. More in the oh-hey-this-is-different-and-doesn’t-sound-like-mass-produced-garbage-sorta way.”

“...The Brink, is an energetic power-pop-punk ride that takes you by surprise. There is a strong retro-punk feel to The Brink; mixing genres and inspirations from X Ray Spex, Oingo Boingo, Siouxie, Vice Squad and early XTC...”

“...played in true punk fashion -- short, loud and at breakneck speed. I can imagine Joan Jett in her prime or Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls singing “When I’m mad and sad…..YOU KNOW I’M REALLY GLAD.” It’s fun stuff that gets all the kiddies thrashing about...”

Taryn A. Harris - Freelancer - various web

“I want to drive far away from here with this as my soundtrack! ”

“It’s not going to get much catchier or much more fun than this... You can take pride in supporting a strong underground act like this, and they are doing everything to slam dance their way a butt-load of adoring fans.”

“...Boasting a female singer who mixes the wares of a pre-tabloid Courtney Love, Shirley Manson, and Joan Jett, the rest of the band ventures off to The Damned by way of No Doubt realm...”