LOGAN / Press

“From beer’n’blood-stained banger “Raise Some Hell”, to “Make It Happen’s” Foo’s infected affirmative pop-rock, they showcase the fresh-faced virtuosity of blazing guitarist Max McPherson. But tonight’s real highlight is a glorious cover of the Taggart theme tune (and Glaswegian anthem) “No Mean City”. It’s not pretty, but try telling that to the tartan hard-nuts getting silly down the front. SAM LAW Kerrang! KKKK”

Sam Law - Kerrang

“The roar of the audience was deafening, truly appreciating the skills of the Scottish quintet. It all ended with a flurry as the last track, ‘When I Get Down’ blasts out to end a fantastic set as the room bounces”

“Axe man Max certainly knows how to play. The Les Paul wielding lead player tore the roof off of the Garage. He’s playing is proficient, professional and he plays from the heart.”

“Finally a band has come along that properly mixes the nuances of new rock with the mojo of the classics. Logan are the real deal. Don't believe me? Just check out "Jump In Again" the memorable lead off single”

Jeb Wright - Classic Rock Revisited

“The charismatic singer Kenny Collins voice is pure American Hard Rock with a smidgen of alternative in it’s root.”

“The Great Unknown has been produced by the celebrated Keith Olsen, and he’s given Logan a platinum lift. Their time has arrived and is knocking firmly at the door”

“Every once in awhile you come across a band like LOGAN that blows you away but it doesn’t happen too often. LOGAN is the full package”

“LOGAN is a Scottish melodic rock band that shouldn’t have a hard time finding a home on American radio. The quintet have jammed their upcoming The Great Unknown album with arena-ready choruses and one searing vocal performance after the other.”

"...it appears to be only a matter of time until North America catches up with the rest of the world, and falls under the hard rockin’ spell of Logan and The Great Unknown".

“Their sound might lead many to mistake them for a US band - think the big riffs and anthemic melodies of Creed and Shinedown. The band are at their best on songs such as Lost and Found, and if Logan are taken on by a US label and producer, they could go a long way. ”

Guitarist Magazine

“It's 6pm before we eventually catch a band, with Scottish rabble rousers Logan opening the main stage. It's not the easiest of jobs, but they perform it admirably, aided by a very clear sound mix and an appreciative crowd. Finally, it feels like the weekend has begun. In the studio, Logan come across rather like a cross between Creed and Pearl Jam, mainly thanks to Collins' deep vocals, and I must admit that live they have much more life to them. “ When I Get Down ” stands out as a highlight,it's a really good, solid set, catapulting Logan into my ‘ bands to watch' list”

“It blows my mind that Logan is unsigned, as there are less talented bands touring the United States today. Cruel Little World is impressive collection of modern hard rock, that should be played on radio stations everywhere.8 out of 10”

“I love this band, they know exactly what they are doing - Love it!”

“The Voice is Logan's #1 weapon - the chorus of Hallowed Ground is amazing. This is a great band with a great vocalist”

“Appare chiara l'intenzione di puntare sui brani che hanno ricevuto così tanti consensi dal vivo e se i dischi di Creed e 3 Doors Down fanno parte dei vostri ascolti quotidiani non farete fatica ad apprezzare la voce di Kenny Collins e le strutture ritmiche della sua band”

“These guys have certainly got it going on - they are very cool”

Graham Keeling - Fame Games

“¿Notaron que agradable sensación es encontrar algo bueno sin haberlo buscado? Eso nos pasó con esta banda escocesa”

“Support came from Logan,and it was gratifying to see them get a good reception from Thunder's infamously partisan crowd. These guys are going places!”

“We filed into the Red Bull tent for some emotional heroics from Logan. These guys are truly exceptional. They're tight, their energy is infectious, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them headlining the bill on one of the show stages in years to come.”

“(At Download), Logan delivered a flawless performance. Keep a very close eye on this band, they definitely have the capability to be headliners in the near future! 12/13”

“Headliners Logan are a band that are steadily rising through the ranks.I was chomping at the bit to see these guys live... and I wasn't disappointed! I fully expect Logan's next appearance at this venue to be in front of a sold out audience downstairs in the main Academy room”

“By the time the band play the catchy ‘When I Get Down’ and the hypnotic, riff-fuelled ‘Hallowed Ground’, even those few uninitiated members of the crowd are carried along by the power of the band’s anthemic, stadium-filling sound.”

Classic Rock Magazine

“Every word is sung in unison en masses and the ovation at the end is positively rapturous…inspiring.””

Dave Ling - Kerrang

““This evening's support came from Scottish shredders Logan, who, according to Myles Kennedy, drank the entire stock of vodka in Eastern and Central Europe. There were no signs of a hangover during their show though!”


“if anyone still doubted their potential then set finale “When I Get Down” should have convinced them otherwise; what other unsigned band can have a room as big as the Civic Hall singing every word? Logan do, and it is one hell of a sight!”

Birmingham Live

“it will only be a matter of time until Logan return to play much, much bigger venues. For those in tonight‟s audience, they will be able to brag “I was there just before Logan hit the big time”. One thing is for sure, Logan‟s time is just round the corner." ”

Mick Burgess - Metal Express Radio

“Make no mistake, these guys are after headline status on the heavy-rock circuit, and having recently supported Bon Jovi, it looks like the first stage of their mission is complete”

David Baldwin - Birmingham Metro

“New drummer Calum Blair – aged only 16 – is a worthy tub-thumper who kicks some serious ass. Logan is back! I thank the Gods of Rock that this Scottish export is here to stay.”

“On stage the band were killing it, the sound was pretty much spot on and they fired into Light It Up and the crowd ate up Resurrect Me and Max McPherson’s guitar ability was on full show here as he tore up the stage.”

“The riffs are thunderous, the drummer looks about 12 but damn does he smack those tubs! The songs aren’t bad and come set closer ‘When I Get Down’ we’re left reflecting on a grossly enjoyable opening 30 minutes”