Locrian / Press

"[Territories] is a kaleidoscope of grays and black, where suffocating sustains and piercing feedback swirl deliberately with crippled blastbeats and mangled shouts."

"I can see why four labels would want a piece You are either the sort of person who thinks a band whose first four influences are “John Cage, Suffocation, Glenn Branca, power tools” sounds nifty or smacks of trying way too hard. If you’re the latter, you might wanna move on. If you’re the former, Locrian show you just how smoothly those ideas can be amalgamated."

"Perfectly scummy ambient misery merchants strike haunting balance between spectral noise and spectral metal."

Christopher Weingarten - 1000 Times Yes

“The pair's tortured compositions transplant listeners to a post-industrial wasteland where rusted factories and skeletal skyscrapers serve as the only remnants of a once-great society.”

Andy Downing - Chicago Tribune

"The record this month most likely to make Sunno))) fans lose their shit (ho ho, yes, just like the brown note). Two guys from Chicago link up with various extreme music miscreants - Bloodyminded's Mark Solotroff, Blake Judd of Nachtmystium, Bruce Lamont of Chicago prog-metallers Yakuza - and turn out two sides of murky drone and serrated black metal that does to your ears what dismantling a ceiling full of asbestos does to your lungs."

Varg Rickrockrollness - Vice Magazine

"Territories stands as the full realization of the tapes, EPs, and split 7" singles that the band has issued in this time, perfectly encapsulating their dark, dystopian sound with the ideal balance of pure heaviness and pensive drone. Topping this one will be tough, but I’m thinking they will be able to do it in time."

““…ritual exploration locked in a landscape of left-handed black urbanity…. the sound of jackals seeking prey in abandoned malls. Locrian’s vision is an internalised one, a view that’s expressed through ferocious volume with a finger than remains on the trigger guard.””

Scott McKeating - Rock-a-Rolla

"[Locrian] spoon through the night mounted upon a guitar or a synth. [The Plague Journal 7" is a] noisy piece of work, but the sonic textures are closer to rock (maybe born amidst the debris of a party Killing Joke just left)."

Byron Coley - Wire Magazine

“If nothing else, Locrian knows the value of patience—the kind that horror-movie directors use to milk tension and dread out of every possible moment on screen." ”

"It’s exceedingly rare to anticipate an album exploding onto the scene without some jaded sense of fluke connections or passing fancies but only by an essential power and brilliance which cannot be confused. ‘Territories’ is one of those moments, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving outfit. And if this isn’t the moment which does it for Locrian, I’m probably not alone in feeling relief that they’ll be ours for a little longer."

"[t]here's more to Doom Metal Dark Ambient than hooded zombies and ravens perching on gravestones. Distortion and delay is still the name of the game, but Foisy's guitar work takes Metal-derived licks to another level, screeching like angry gulls above a cold, black sea of fuzzy drone. There are clear signs that this music is evolving into something more complex and structured, Foisy and Hannum crawling out of the murky ocean onto dry land like lungfish."

Dan Warburton - Wire Magazine