LOCKJAW. / Press

“The Hell Rock from Milwaukee is back and this time they’re much louder and heavier than we’ve heard them sound in years. This is definitely the kind of militaristic industrial that we know and love, brought to us by a band that’s been doing it for a decade”

“I’m now completely assured that these guys are going to go out there and take the much larger venues by storm, maybe even arenas! The only question that now remains is… when?”

“The new record from what I’ve heard, is going to be the most dark, aggressive, disturbing, perverse, abrasive, sinful, exotic, erotic, fetishistic, and best of all, HEAVY Lockjaw release to date!”

“They're absolutely tight musicians, they have a strong song catalog, and they have this whole "hell rock" thing in the palm of their hands. They certainly could hold their own opening for NiN, Manson, Skinny Puppy, or any of the other death metal bands in their niche. In fact, they're tight enough that with good management, they'll be headlining similar shows in a couple of years.”

“What can be expected at a Lockjaw show you ask? Whether they are playing for a crowd of 4000+ or 40, they are going to give you an amazing show with "maximum intensity". The intensity I speak of is unbridled energy, sweat, smoke, strobes, and blood… sometimes lots of blood.”

Audrey Lopez - Intense Ink Magazine

“If you are tired of watered down crap, if you are looking for something new, something powerful, something raw, something genuine, it is your duty to go to one of their performances and support them.”

Douglas - Arsenic Lullaby