LOCKIN / Press

“'Hayseed Dixie asked for a metal band support specifically and you can do no better than Castleford's Lockin. Lockin were absolutely spot on, the crowd loved them, and so did Hayseed Dixie, as they were peeping out of the stage side door and rocking along with the rest of us. Lockin certainly are riding on the crest of a wave these days Tuesday night's performance proved to me that they are ready to step up to a bigger stage.'”

“'The brand new demo from thrash metal outfit Lockin starts off with a hollered announcement of ‘This is your black horizon’ before the stomping guitars kick in. It’s not actually as much as an assault on the ears as you imagine it would be, providing a well balanced metal mosh tune – well worthy of its radio air time.'”

Sally Altas - Sally's gig reviews

“'From some particular gruff, but not grunting, style vocals (along with the occasional “YEAH!”) to the catchy, no-nonsense, rolling riffs you could be forgiven for being reminded of an early Metallica. Further cementing this idea came in the form of final song, and their most recent demo, ‘Black Horizon’, which appears to start as a carefully planned attack but transforms into an all-out assault on your ears. An engaging start from Lockin.'”

Nicholas Dishington - Metal Discovery

“T’S the dream of any unsigned band to seal the golden deal – a recording contract and thousands of pounds worth of studio backing. For Castleford band Lockin that dream may be creeping closer to reality after the trio secured a spot earlier this month at the regional heats of national talent showcase, Live & Unsigned. follow the web link to read more....”