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Lo Carmen / Press

“The opening line of the title track is a smoke signal, flagging Carmen’s talent for evocations of place; both geographical and emotional. ..The spareness of the sound has an authenticity, sincerity and purity of purpose that harks back to the likes of Woody Guthrie. This is folk music. Or country, real country ... With characteristic grace and eloquence, LC reaches the parts other songwriters can’t touch.... I put her on the same pedestal as Kris Kristofferson, Tom T., or Merle Haggard.”

““...stark country-soul and shimmering blues ...a direct line to the heart that showcases her glorious voice “ ”

“It’s always been about the voice...beauty and danger, knowing and innocence, sex and longing, and love – both sacred and profane...She sings it, you believe her. And that’s enough.”

Ross Clelland - Inpress

“GARETH LIDDIARD & LOENE CARMEN - Walking into the Old Museum tonight feels like entering a dream sequence from Twin Peaks, the backdrop of black curtain framing the front-row red and leather couches. The austerity of the scene is complemented by the gin-joint Breathless Mahoney that is Loene Carmen, her soft blues easing the gradually increasing throng into the evening’s entertainment. There’s a vulnerability and sensuality about her performance which can’t be ignored... A simple exit lends a graceful end to a largely beguiling solo set, the unenviable job of opening for tonight’s main act achieved with a certain dark poise.”

“Hers is a voice that is hard to exactly describe but that is easy to captivate, having been carved of, and narrating tales to well-worn records, late nights, dark smoky rooms and empty bottles. The band add the ragged edges to these gritty tales, alternatively drifting and weaving in front as the narratives play through an unfolding drama — such as the rueful pawning of albums to buy a hat as a gift of 'Thirty Records' or crashing over the top with country-mangled bursts as in 'Flames Vs Lightning'. Things blaze ahead along straighter lines with 'Oh Apollo' and 'Mimic the Rain' creating an almost bawdy pop concoction, and early song 'My Friends Call Me Foxy' eases us out with most in the crowd definitely agreeing with its sentiments. A last gasp of the chilling 'Nashville High' and the absorbing nocturnal longing of 'Sunday Night' serves as the final bottle breaking on the bow for the album, whose tracks were certainly trod with love tonight.”

“The magic of Carmen is her ability to draw you into her songs...”

“...the beauty of the French chanteuse and the intensity of the Dirty Three...It Walks Like Love is more than a record – it’s an intense, passionate and periodically confronting statement. You can almost see and feel the love walking beside you. ”

“Carmen does it her own way and knows how to create and maintain ethereal moods, showcasing her broad range of musical prowess... Challenging and beautiful, Carmen has made an album to be very proud of.”

“...striking, smoky and suggestive...completely compelling.”

Andy Ryan - Kluster

“Loene Carmen's stunning fourth album, It Walks Like Love, is both timeless and haunting.”


“Intoxicating. ”

Jeff Jenkins - Music Australia Guide

“...delicate music, sparse but occasionally riding huge waves of feedback and distortion … It’s difficult to sum up something as varied, passionate and distinctive as It Walks Like Love for the sake of a glib closing sentence. So I’m not even going to try.”

“...quietly forceful... from dusty country to howling feedback... it's all pretty amazing. Album Of The Week”

“...Down and dirty, smouldering blues... a couple of killer pop singles ... Add some subtle piano touches courtesy of Head and this is definitely Carmen’s best work to date.”

“a singular talent... Carmen delivers unforgettable tunes...”

Kathy McCabe - Daily Telegraph

“'she sits in an intangible, magical, rarefied space, somewhere between Tom Waits & Dolly Parton...'”

“Velveteen vocals bubble through a pool of Barbarella’s matmos, backlit by Ry Cooder on mescaline, Tortoise-style keys and somnolent beats…”

Natalie Apostolou - Plan B

“...the staggered mess of her compositions are intoxicating...”

“...a songbook of exquisitely mournful blues elements and intoxicating rock romantics. ...”


““Loene Carmen has fallen into some lost world where late night country rock is bound up in medieval chains... the flesh in Carmen's voice and the huge spaces around it bring out other associations ... especially the sexy whisperings of Prince and the Rolling Stones at their loose and lazy best ...”

Mark Mordue

“A spectral temptress..”

Dan Lander - Rolling Stone

“a bluesy, rock n roll journey, flexing muscle, melancholy and simmering sexuality in equal measure…the all out assault of the ensemble is loose, occasionally threatening and full of drama…”

Ian Shedden - The Age

““”…sinfully sexy songs that stay simmering on a low desert heat, the album is sure to brand its mark on all who listen…a…seductively scandalous, dirty, kick ass blues entertainer…a lo fi rock n roll/blues tour de force””

Indie Album of the Week - The Brag

“Carmen always manages to convince you that she could be your girlfriend, whispering her darkest and brightest secrets right into your ear…(This record) what she was whispering … are the best things she’s ever said. Carmen at her pop-finest…Gareth Liddiard isn’t the only lyrical genius in”

Nathan Roche - Artground

“Sultry vocals and intelligent lyrics continue to intertwine with raw guitars …and the quality never dips, even for the slightest second… a truly outstanding record and, with it, Loene Carmen has not only created her finest piece of work to date, but also one of the albums of the year so far.”

““Dudes: Jesus was a man, Loene Carmen is a woman and this album is just great." 8/10”


“...gauzy, tear-soaked blues noir...deliciously dark, sexy and dead cool'”

“Loene Carmen is a true gem...the ultimate lady of rock. ”

“...would have Serge Gainsbourg chasing her down any Parisienne street and with some of the slower tracks she could put Tex Perkins out of a job with the Beasts Of Bourbon...a sun-bleached, neon-soaked dusty road trip, stopping at every sleazy smoky roadhouse, cheap hotel and dirty diner on the way.”

Damo Arnup - J Mag