Local Tunes on KRUI / Press

“If you love local music, or music in general for that matter, then you’ll love the Local Tunes program. Created by Jason Larson, Local Tunes is all about “supporting and promoting local music” and tries to get a different musical guest to come in every week. In fact, they have new guests so frequently that they’ve “lost count of the number of guests (they’ve) had in-studio or phone-in over the past two years,” says Jason. Besides local music, Local Tunes also plays the music of bands that are going to be playing shows in Iowa City, with home-roots stretching from coast to coast. Along with live and phone-in interviews, Local Tunes have also had many live in-studio performances from local groups such as White Tornado, Johnny Oaahn Point, and Koplant No. They even had eight musicians from the Bloco Flocorico Afro Samba School come in and play an all acoustic performance on the air, one that Larson ranks among his most memorable performances.”