Lizzie Thomas / Press

“A masterful ensemble that includes Xavier Davis on piano, Ron Affif on guitar, and many other notables such as Frank Lacy on trombone support her new release “Easy to Love. ”Lizzie Thomas is one of those songstresses that you “get” immediately. She has that vocal nuance, unique stylistic approach, and quite frankly a fantastic voice. Thomas flows with ease on the new recording on such classics as “One Note Samba” “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “Our Love is Here to Stay” among others. It always seems that there has to be a story for us to recognize the talented, and here we have both. The story is one of Miss Thomas hailing from the Nashville music scene mixing with the depth of a New York jazz experience. And what do you get from this downtown mixology? Musicians that are playing at the top of their game, with Lizzie bringing them to a level that even amaze them.”

Christian DiGirolamo - Two For the Show Media

“Lizzie Thomas has become my favorite new jazz singer. With that rare quality of subtle seduction, she has a voice that can easily steal your heart without you knowing it. She has a consistent vocal quality, reflecting the cool, calm demeanor of both confidence and innocence. Thomas typically sings a repertoire of songs reflective of love’s doubts and wonder, at times in a non-plussed fog. She delivers lyrics clearly, but the listener is always curious as to where her true heart lies. Check out this wondrous traditional jazz vocalist, displaying a flapper’s heart wrapped in a contemporary girl next door charm - you’ll be delighted too. Michael G. Nastos; Cadence & Hot House Magazines, WEMU-FM – Ypsilanti, MI.”

Micahel G Nastos - Cadence & Hot House Magazines