Liz Rognes / Press

“Songs like the syncopated “Mirabelle” leave you imagining an alternate universe where Liz became a jazz-singer, and her tone is perfectly well suited for the sensuous, smoky beat of the old standards. In this universe, however, she was a classically trained soprano, and now makes her art like a rowdy Jewel, and the mountain folky tones and acoustic rock instrumentation (with haunting cello additions) are a perfect fit for her home-spun tales of our own inner pathways.”

Andy Gaines - The Levee Breaking

“Spokane songstress Liz Rognes’ lilting, articulate soprano and impressive range are just as captivating on her second full-length album, Topographies. Jazz influences spice up the earnest ballads and old-time instrumentation that keep it indie-folk.”

"Her music leads with her articulate soprano voice — and she has an incredible range."