liz mitchell / Press

“ People project their personalities through their music. And if they are successful, you can learn a great deal about the person through their music. After spinning Pretty House several times we quickly came to the conclusion that Liz Mitchell is one very special lady. We can tell by the genuine sincerity in these tunes that Liz is one of those people out there in the world that you would be very fortunate to know. She's got a great soul and spirit that just oozes out of the songs that she writes. And she has a wonderfully resonant voice that really pushes her music to the next level. This album recalls classic artists from the past like Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell...and it has those special qualities that made music from the 1960s so magnetic and appealing. It was a simpler time when people had not become so jaded and burned by a world gone bad. Fortunately there are still optimistic souls in the world who can inspire others who may have given up hope. Pretty House is a resilient coll”