Liz Melendez / Press

"...a name you need to know, write this down, Liz Melendez. You've gotta see her...phenomenal show..."

Rich "Sully" Sullivan - 92.9 DAVE FM, Atlanta, GA

“...she mops the floor with nearly any other Atlanta area blues-rock act and makes no apologies. ”

“Her lead guitar ability ranks with greats like Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Duane Allman...”

Bårchen Records, Germany

“...she is the one and only Liz Melendez with her own, completely unique and magnificent musical presence.”

Bårchen Records, Germany

"...slashing guitar from up-and-coming guitar goddess Liz Melendez."

j. poet - Crawdaddy Magazine - 1/9/09

“She rocks and swaggers and moans and sizzles as well as any current player – of any gender.”

Jesse Fox Mayshark - MetroPulse

“...one of a handful of female guitarists who actually turn heads with their chops.”

Jim Reed - Connect Savannah

“Her Texas guitar licks and sound are superb.”

Gary W. Miller - BluesWax/Blues Review Magazine