Liz Mandeville / Press

"Her songs...tell the truth, but her perspective and subject matter has kept her fresh and new. Her guitar playing is good and her vocals always strong and soulful"

Tom Marker - WXRT-FM Chicago

““...what really stands out is her unique voice. In one song you might hear a hint of Sippie Wallace, or a hint of a Lou Ann Barton-like rasp, but in the end, the voice is hers alone, and she makes it a perfect fit for every style of blues to which she pays tribute.” ”

Pat Jennings - Wichita Blues Society

““Liz rocks and rolls, purrs and cajoles thru these fifteen gems. Whenever that "little Red Top comes to your town," be sure and catch her if you can!!!””

Don Crow - Music City Blues Review

““Adept in blues and swing, Mandeville gracefully blends the two genres together. The swinging title track opens the disc and sets the bar pretty high. Fortunately, Mandeville reaches and exceeds it several times.” ”

Graham Clarke - Blues Bytes

““Liz Mandeville is a class act. She is a sassy singer, a very tidy guitarist, and a fine songwriter to boot. It all adds up to make "Red Top" a richly entertaining hour of blues listening..."”

Gordon Baxter - Blues in Britain

““… displays her tenderness, her toughness and her ability to rock. Liz blasts through original material with a humorous zest for life. "Spanky Butt" and "Guilty of Rockin' All Night" will have you dancing in your living room.””

Hambone's Blues Party - Top 5 Spins for AUGUST

““Mandeville’s Red Top builds up a contemporary blues sound based on the stylistic bricks from its past, Mandeville is a master of the blues idiom, both vocally and in songwriting, and throughout Red Top shows top ability to teach the old blues dog new tricks.” ”

George Fish - Bloomington Alternative

““The best thing about Red Top is that the record is as much about great songwriting as great playing. Mandeville puts her own songwriting voice out there to get the party started."”

Mike O'Cull - Bluesource.com

"Chicago guitarists and redhead (they call her "Red Top") Mandeville continues to show a knack for clever, often cheeky lyrics with her brand of windy city blues. Tongue in cheek takes it to the extreme. That pretty much describes this fun (for a lack of a better word)."


"Brassy, sassy singer with a knack for writing spicy, blues flavored songs that can rock and rollick."

Blue Revue

"...plays up her lusty, no nonsense way with lyrics. She takes on a growing urgency when riding the crests of Chicago/Texas blues and Memphis style soul music."

Down Beat Magazine

"...a quantum leap forward for an obviously talented singer and songwriter. Her songs show an increased ability to be sharp, clear and build sensitive snapshots that relate to the universality common in the human condition."

Brian Augustin - Sierra Blues Society Review

"...simply a party on a platter. A dandy example of the blues, chasing the blues away from start to finish."

Chris Spector, Editor/Publisher - Midwest Records