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"Once in a while an album cuts right to your heart. Liz Frame and the Kickers' 'Sooner' is that record. Every track is a startling, well-honed gem filled with Liz's powerful, experience-rich vocals that sometimes suggest a cross between the passion of the Indigo Girls and the candor of Lucinda Williams. Above all, this is funky, flowing, electro-acoustic music with spirit and a positive world view, as in 'Win' (a story song about conquering demons) and clever romancers 'Come Back to Me' and 'God Doesn't Like His Women Left Alone.' Frame has immense talent and the musicianship from the Kickers is stellar, augmented by some all-star Boston studio aces such as guitarists Bobby Keyes, Duke Levine, and Kevin Barry. Count yourself lucky if you get to hear this." STEVE MORSE, The Boson Globe, Rolling Stone, Billboard --

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“The Kickers is an apt name for Frame's band—like her, they are brassy, bold and rootsy. This is music that dances on the razor's edge between danger and ecstasy.”

“In an age of saccharine sentimentality and little girl whispers, Frame offers a mature alternative, both in her real life-marinated song themes and in her powerful far-ranging voice, which she ornaments with tasteful catches at appropriate moments.”

“The sound of this quartet is country, but there’s a feeling of Americana in its delivery. The vocals are way above average and the guitar work is always entertaining—from big cowboy sounds to rockabilly licks to lap steel swooning...Cool band—I’ll be back for more. ”

"Liz Frame is one of the most compelling, interesting, and emotive voices I've heard in a long, long time, with a solid and soulful personality to match. She's also a wonderful songwriter, just starting to hit her stride, and no one does her songs better than she does! Her band is the perfect complement and foil for her quirky, funky Americana in their own very original way; to me, she's a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll, and a whole lot Americana. Add to that a voice that can sound uncannily like Grace Slick one moment, when interpreting "Somebody to Love," and like a rebel Lucinda Williams on some of Liz's own songs another minute and like a classic female country vocalist in the next minute, and you begin to hear a few of the reasons why I feel she's someone who has to be heard!"

Marian Leighton Levy/Rounder Records

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