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“Posted by barry dickson in belfast at 21:43 on Feb 5 2011 My worship leader in my home church so obviously i\'m going to be biased, but Liz is a highly rated worship leader and singer with a unique style and this is no exception. the album is straight from her experience of Father God. I have played and sung with Liz for quite a few years now and she is in demand travelling to events throughout the UK and even further afield in America her music is in demand and the musicality of this recording is no exception. Paul who plays is a very accomplished musician and the combination of his music and Liz\'s voice makes for a great and blessed listen ”

Barry Dixon - Cross rhythmns

“Reviewed by Tim Holden Belfast-based Liz went to Nashville to record this album and the quality of production and musicianship shows from the opening chords of "Rain Down Righteousness" to the strident bonus track hidden at the end. The piano lines are beautifully understated and counterpoint Liz's rich vocal lines along with the judicious use of percussion and Chester Thompson's wonderful drums on the occasional track. Both the Celtic hymns included here, "Be Thou My Vision" and "When I Survey" are both tastefully arranged but have been recorded so many times before it is very difficult to do anything new or different with them other than showcase Liz's voice. The self-written songs tend display a much softer side to her voice, particularly the lilting title track, and give the album a very pleasant, gentle Celtic feel.”

“Liz Clarke number 1 in the NCM UK music charts 19/06/10”

“Reviewed by Paul Kerslake Liz's previous album 'The Dream' was recorded in Nashville and was a relatively gentle Celtic acoustic affair. For the follow up Liz collaborated with Paul McIlwaine, and unusually the album was created completely online from their respective locations, they didn't actually meet each other face to face. The 13 tracks contained within are composed of various styles, from the dance with a hint of Bhangra for the opener "Holy Holy" to the pop of "Holy Rain" and simple acoustic of the title track and "Whispers Of Love". The guitar playing on these two tracks is really exceptional and highlights Paul's expertise with an acoustic. As the album progresses more and more exposure is given to the acoustic side of Paul's production and playing. I like the fact that Liz has experimented with different styles throughout the album, however, when it's just her voice and Paul's guitar, something quite magical happens”

“Number 1 in the NCM UK charts wk ending 19th June 2010”


“Liz's voice has a clear sweet irish quality and her sound crossess the boundaries between folk classical and contempory worship. Fiona McCarney. ”

Faith For Life Magazine

“When you find something like the music that Liz writes and her voice, its easy to get excited. William Thompson EMS Audio”