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“Colorado draws people in because you can be yourself here and not live up to some idea of what a life should or shouldn’t be and that is very liberating! I think it has strongly influenced how and what I write. I’ve always been somewhat of a mountain girl and I can express those ideals here. I have lived all over the U.S., even Puerto Rico but I feel the most connected to my southern roots. My family is all from the south. I tried living in New York but I never felt at home in a big city. The lack of trees and fresh air really got to me. And the competitiveness to fit in to some category was also oppressive. I felt disconnected and lonely. Out west I feel a sense of hope and belonging. In Colorado I find space for self reflection and an openness that I need to discover myself as a writer but especially as a person, which is basically what I write about – my perspective on people, relationships, love, politics, and the subtle contradictions of life.”

Kynd Music

“Liza Oxnard could give Nora Jones a run for her money any day of the week. Straight out of the People's Republic, the erstwhile Zuba front woman and new mother has a bewitching voice that’s easier on the ears than Katherine Heigl is on the eyes. Make no mistake, though: Liza, as she's currently known, is no one-trick pony who's all about jazzy torch songs. The mellow, introspective inclinations on her debut full-length, Bird On A Wing (due to be released this Friday, July 7, at the Walnut Room), are balanced by such rollicking acoustic rockers as "This Time," a cut that would make Shelby Lynne grin. A gifted guitarist as well as a singer-songwriter, Liza is keeping good company these days, with a lineup that consists of keyboardist Erik Deutsch (Charlie Hunter Trio), drummer Brian McRae (Freddy Jones Band), bassist Aaron Snyder (Goodbye Champion), Glenn Taylor on pedal steel, and Ryan Tracy on backing vocals.”

Dave Herrera - Westword (Critic's Choice)

“...& After years melting faces with Zuba and guest-starring with countless bands (including String Cheese Incident), the Colorado songstress has released Bird on a Wing, an entrancing collection of songs that mostly eschews the harder rock/funk riff-rock approach that put Zuba on the indie-rock map in favor of the soothing, smoky timbres of jazz piano, pedal steel, violin and viola, hushed horns, brushed snare drum, and, of course, Liza’s jangly acoustic and electric guitars. As always, it’s the siren sound of Liza’s soothing voice—melodic to the last, and with a perfect, relaxed vibrato—that sells the music. There’s a certain zen in her phrasing. Like Joni Mitchell, Tom Petty, Norah Jones, and other great singer/musicians, Liza projects an inner calm that keeps the listener planted comfortably in the center of her captivating world, no matter how wild her musical surroundings.”

Jude Gold - Guitar Player Magazine

““So many artists spend their lives evading projects that really matter to them,” she said. “I feel fortunate to have figured out that for me, so far, it was this album, that I have had the amazing chance to make it, and that most importantly, I feel proud of how far I have come.””