Liza Marie Sparks / Press

“Liza Sparks didn’t mind traveling to Berkeley. Or San Rafael. Or Napa. But if she could help launch the West Coast Songwriters’ 14th chapter in Vallejo, it would make life so much easier. And if the organization — stretching from Portland down to Hollywood — secured the downtown Empress Theatre as its local home, even better. Done. And done.”

"Her songs pull from deep within her spirit, grabbing the joy and sorrow that we all feel - but with an incredible insight with her music. Liza was given the freedom to express her feelings through music after her stroke. I, on the other hand, lost that ability...but I so deeply understand what she says and what she does. She expresses so many emotions that are locked within my spirit...and I'm sure she does for you too." To read more visit: http://www.westcoastsongwriters.org/users/alison-williams/blog/2011/4/5/liza-marie