Livy High / Press

“Livy High is a name that you many not be that familiar with but that is set to change.”

“It's cool when I come across independent artists that sound like they should be major...Livy High is touted as such a band and has great reviews.”

Daniel C. Morrison - Alternative Revolt Magazine

"It is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day when I come across an independent band that just acts & feels like a major. That is the impression that I got when I came across...Livy High. "

“This was the first Topeka show for Livy High, and the turnout was a packed house. Loyal fans from Wichita joined them for the show, and sang along with every song, they also helped promote the band to future fans.”

“You'll get a show. No dead air, the song order makes sense, and when necessary, [they'll] rock your face off. ... All the harmonies and musical parts (and then some) will be there. You'll leave the show remembering at least one of [the] choruses.”

“Livy High won my admiration not because they are talented, nor by the fact they donated cd sales to East High's Theater Department and then went above and beyond by donating more of their own money, its because they have truly set themselves apart with focus, heart, discipline, and talent combined.”

“When Livy High takes the stage at America's Pub on Saturday night, it'll be a debut three years in the making. ..."You only have one shot to do it the right way," Carroll said. "If you rush into something, you're going to have a harder road than if you just take your time."”