Living Waters / Press

“❤️ 💕 💕C’est fantastique! This song ministered so much to me back in those days. Great to hear a fresh take on it! (about our "Sing to Jesus" DEMO)”

Chuck Trella - LW Alumnus Extraordinaire

“Your music puts a major smile on [my face] and warmth in my heart.”

“Living Waters are a phenomenon: they fan the flame of pure Jesus Love”

Jan Taralczak - Great musician friend from Switzerland

“Listened to some of your songs on ReverbNation- Loved them! The Who meets Rent meets 60’s R&R!”

“Thanks. I'll be listening to that several more times easy. Great work again y'all. (about "Let It Reign")”

Wade Sprague

“Put your hands together for "Roll the Rock Over". Fantastic vocals + live performance! Thanks for keeping us inspired * Patricia”

“Good riffs, good songwriting, good music. Do What He Tells You To Do!”

“Love it! The mix sounds great and I like how certain instruments "pop" out at certain times. There are times when the piano stands out a little bit more and other times when the left side guitar stands out just enough. (about "Covenant Love")”

“Light of the world, and Living Waters, you are a wonderful miracle ministry of His glory,. I've included "Glory" into my daily morning prayers, thank you so much for this beautiful tune that now accompanies me in my life. God bless you and your work”

“Great orchestration, songwriting and love the harmonies! Beautiful and inspiring!”

“Sounds like the Led Zeppelin riff for "Good Times, Bad Times" at the beginning. You sure got my attention. A most appropriate exhortation at the outset: "Change!" You are rockin' that Second Luminous Mystery – the Wedding at Cana – where Jesus turns plain water to wine at the behest of his mother, Mary. Good band sound. You have been around the block quite a few times. 40 years! Welcome to Top Catholic Songs. (Comment on "Do What He Tells You to Do")”

“Ahh - Anna Post. Perhaps, in my opinion, one of Living Waters' most "undersung" grooves, and perhaps one of the purest rockers. I found this one on tape while in college. A real showcase of the above-average Living Waters vocals in that chorus. Space for Tony to drive. The song that perhaps most deserves a pulsing lighting rig. The reason for Greg's high tops....”

Dave Babish - original member of the LW family

“Do What He Tells You To Do.... listen, repeat!”

“This is so catchy-I find myself humming it and singing "somebody rescue me" !!! excellent !!! (about "Booze Blues Cruise")”

“I've listened to your song [Do What He Tells You to Do"] about 15 times since I sent off the email! Even the live version. Even the Booze song....”

“’Living Waters delivers a majestic, epic tearjerker, then pull a complete U-turn and dive into funk rock grooves with ascending solos that galvanize the senses.’ (about our two-song EP, "Alive Again")”

“Excellent songs with an excellent message. I have a strong Gospel music background so I have a deep appreciation for Christian Rock. I think it's another avenue to get the Lord's word to young people and you guys do a wonderful job at that. And for that I say thank you. Great Job.”

“OH MY!! Alive Again is BEAUTIFUL and Uplifting!! What a Blessing you gave me to start my day with! Praise God!!”

“You guys are awesome! Just now finished listening to every one of your tracks and I'd have to say "Glory" is my favorite. Actually listened to it twice! You know God has had His hand on your band and the proof is not only in your music but in the age of the band. Wow! 39 yrs (1976) and still going strong! That's amazing. Best wishes to you guys and here's to another 39 years. God Bless!”

" 'City of Joy' and 'Home is Where the Heart Is' are my favourites! Very beautiful and inspiring songs :) Blessings, Faith x "

“Glad I found you guys...because this is one of those tracks you don't want to miss in your life. Amazing work, amazing music, loads of talent. [a comment about the "Love's in a Name" video]”

“Absolutely phenomenal and fresh music! Loved "Alive Again". The vocals and harmonies are absolutely beautiful! So much passion!”

“We...are really impressed with your material. Excellent hooks, melodies and musicianship! Your sound production is stellar!!!!”

“I LOVE the intro to "Alive Again". I can definitely see this song being...on today's charts”

Joe Prunera - Musical Director, Las Vegas play "He Never Left The Building"

"Do What He Tells You to Do" has a great drive to it. ! I love the bluesy feel it has, and the horns are a nice surprise to the LW sound. You've still got your voice, too, Mark! I love that. I can definitely hear some U2 in there, a little Stevie Ray in some parts and even some Albert Collins.

Joey Prunera - Musical Director, Las Vegas play "He Never Left The Building"

“I think this may be your most creative composition yet. Great blend of sounds and message... (about "Alive Again")”

Jim Babish - Manager, Producer, 'Father" of LW

"....killer song, great message...." about "Do What He Tells You to Do"!

“Beautiful, heavenly voices and such inspirational lyrics! I love your music.”

“Always a pleasure to visit your page. Love the song, Glory!”

"Take Me" is like listening to "Electric Light Orchestra" and Queen...and it's a big compliment. Great songwriting, musicians and vocal. Thumbs up, dudes :-). Cheers

"Blues Booze Cruise! YES!" Yes, indeed....

“You could put pictures to "Save me from myself" Top Class divine Inspired Music as always! God bless you The world needs you!”

“Such a fabulous,worshipful, joyous sound that you make. You can't walk away from Living Waters Music without feeling inspired!”

“'Hello...I just wanted to say thank you so much for connecting with me...I am smiling as I am listening to your music...I have two favorites...Forever, and Take Me...Love them! Thank you for your music...I wish you all the best...' We are SO grateful for this!”

Christine - MySpace

“You are an anointed band...I have every reason to support you...Anointing and creativity as deep as the Son. Wonderful Music X”

Coreetta Buchan - one of our fav musician-friends - buchanproductions

“I came back for another visit. I really enjoyed listening to "City of Joy" tonight. The vocals and instrumentals are outstanding. I love what you are doing here.....”

Mike Vinson - Talented Americana songwriter

“Explode with all emotion & you create great music like this!”

Concrete Injection - a talented metal band

“We are humbled & honored to have the great Monica Dupont comment: 'Beautiful people, beautiful, inspiring music !!! My love and respect to a talented, wonderful band and every one of it's beautiful members, blessed by our great Lord !!!'”

Monica Dupont - Must-hear Blues Hall of Fame icon

“Great music. So exceptional...so lovely. Much more..... Love's in a Name - Awesome. All the best. God bless -”

Classical/World musician & composer - Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos

“Beautiful, meaningful music. "City of Joy"......amazing background music and voices. Great harmonies. I'm proud to be one of your fans.”

JP Yonelunas - talented creator of film music

“Inspired writing 4 all the right reasons !!!”

Jamie King Colton - Multi-instrumentalist for the stars, inc. Dion


MICHAEL HENDERSON - Classic R&B master, bass player for Marvin Gaye

"Nobody Else" is simply brilliant!

Kevin M. Thomas - talented vocalist and piano rocker

“Congratulations! Your music is unique and beautiful!”

George Xoulogis - Euro artist on Facebook

“There aren't enough bands that create uplifting, inspirational music like Living Waters. Great vocal harmonies on City of Joy!”

Gary Kochan - RevebNation friend

“Great musicianship and song writing living here ‘Living Waters’. ‘Booze Blues Cruise’ is going to be in my head all day. Great 70’s vibe and love your vocals too. Great sense of joy in your work.”

Wild & Welsh - Very talented pop/rock duo

“To me, it sounds like Frank Zappa playing with the Beatles and Keith Moon is on drums! (commenting on 2 new rockers)”

Joe Prunera - metal guitarist & composer

“Hey Guys, I really like the direction you took your music with this one. I hear a little bit of Foreigner, a lot of Clapton, and a touch of Manfred Mann in this tune. You guys have a very authentic 60's / 70's sound, and you do it well.”

Justin Henderson - Talented musician friend

"Booze Blues Cruise" Excellent tune from top to bottom !

Jeffrey Whitman - Veteran blues & jazz man

“...great natural and alternative rock sound, very good lyrics and nice voices...that is how such music should sound, to touch peoples hearts and souls...”

Modis Crisha - Classical/Electronica composer & producer

“Awesome Blessed Band!!! Great Music Here!”

StandVolume - Up & coming rock trio from Spain

“You guys have such a great classic sound! And an amazing catalog of music! Great stuff! Happy to have found you guys!”

Chainfall - Classic rock cover band

“Had to stop in and listen to your phenomenal music - playing "Glory" now. What an amazing glorification of God!”

Leanne Felzien - Amazingly talented classical musician

“Only God could have made a talent so beautiful!”

Karen Showell - Gospel Singer

“Love your tunes Living Waters..beautiful messages through the music..as good as it gets ..keep up the inspired and inspiring work!”

Tom & Linda - Reverbnation artists

“Thought your music was lovely... Maybe a strange adjective, but I did like it, and it was "lovely." :)”

Jan Buckingham - Professional! Songs sung by major stars & in major shows!

“I love you guys; you remind me of the Beatles same vibe I love it!!!!”

Donna Marshall - Christian jazz singer

“Wow! The message! The vocals. The composition. The music. Everything. Blessed me today. ~ Joe”

Joe Lyell - Talented creator of cover music

“Awesome! Brilliant! Outstanding! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!!”

Helder Rock aka The Misfit - ReverbNation Artist

“That's some high quality performances here! Love's in a Name and City of Joy are my favorites. Great vocals and whole production.”

Roberto Cordero - Hollywood Jazz Quintet Leader

“It's an honour to be one of your fans - lovin' your music - great songs - great arrangements - brilliant vocals - veeeerry nicely done!!!”

Greg Ledder - UK veteran performer

“YOU GUYS ROCK!!! excellent vocals and great guitar chops! Keep on Rockin'. Blessings. ian”

Ian McArthur - PROfessional electric guitar player

“You're awesome. i thought your music was inspiring. i felt really happy after i played your songs,which says a lot :)”

nancy-ann michaud - talented Quebec musician friend

“Great Stuff, Living Waters! Great playing, Great recording, amazingly Great Vocals....unique sound for a worship band, I'm loving it! I will be back for more uplifting tunes soon! ”

Steve Francis - Professional drummer

“Living Waters, Perfect vocal, perfect harmonies, perfect melodies PERFECT BAND. Treat you ears to one of the best pages on RN”

Soul Unique - classic R n B "Showband" from SC

“You folks are awesome... Chords and rippin' solos are amazing ! Familiar feel - but, nice and new ! ! Vocals blow me away ! ! Wishing you much well-deserved success ! !”

Bruce Graml - positive rocker from KY

“Blasting away n grroovin this evenin with your awesome track 'Nobody Else'. Incredible!!! Thanks for adding beauty to my day with your unique and extraordinary creative talent!”

Identity - Felicia - Christian artist from Minden, DE

“You folks are amazing! There is magic in your music. So much in fact, that I am going to listen intently to your songs like a student songwriter....Your body of work will be one of my cornerstones....”

Brian Morris - Country Recording Artist

"WOW. You guys are REALLY good! That was live? Awesome!!" - (comment about "City of Joy") www.reverbnation.com/play_now/4546450

Timothy Wenzel - Moviescape composer

“A beautiful, expressive, refreshing, heartfelt outpouring. Note to visitors of this pg: Living Waters has FORTY songs here, worth checking out ! Hard to pick a favorite, I'm thinking "Peter the Rock"? On "Nobody Else" the guitarist has obtained the precise tone of Tom Scholtz of Boston, I haven't heard anyone else do that in 35 yrs. Thumbs way up !”

Markke - New York-based musician

"...everyone should listen to such beautiful songs...."

Maribelle - from Ile-de-France, Paris

“This music speaks good things to my spirit. I feel a welling up of the Holy Spirit. Ah, thanks! I needed that!”

Ray Willow - "Refresh"-ed ReverbNation artist!

“I am so so very blessed to find wonderful folks like you here on RN...thank you so much for that tunepak. YOUR MUSIC is AWESOME...I loved every single one of your songs. I love Roll The Rock Over. That is a great song. I am very happy to know you and show my support for you as well.”

SALT - ReverbNation artist

"Awesome Job on the music. So uplifting, Just purchased and added [your great song] to my playlist...Thanks..." (comment about "Love's in a Name")

Josh Proctor - ReverbNation artist

“Living Waters is a wonderful feeling, because its art touches the heart... Thank you for your very great and blessed music. I started to share your music in my Facebook wall Thank you, so much, Pablo”

Pablo Bedrossian - musician from Honduras

“Hey I was just introduced to Living Waters yesterday and when I went to their Reverbnation page to listen to their music I was delightfully surprised. Their sound is bringing the best of 70's and 80's major rock bands and dropping their music right in the center of anointed, Word-Rich, and powerful ministry. They are a rare find in this day and age of record sales first ministry "maybe". I will pray for and support Living Waters daily as they take the Gospel packaged in a very attractive and tasty sound to the un-churched and encourage and uplift Believers. Consider me a new Fan and Friend. Blessings. Tony Ray G”

Tony Ray G - Excellent veteran Christian musician


Kelly Deaver - Top ReverbNation Christian artist

“Your music is a rarity, both beautiful and meaningful!”

Salariatus - ReverbNation artist

“Just amazed at all the talent you guys have, It's evident that you guys have been together a while by how finely tuned and together you are, vocally, musically and dramatically, How very cool!”

Joanna Fruhauf - Gracious Vine Music

“Well done gospel that is both full of message and listenable is few and far between. Good for you that you have both. Wonderful music full of love of God”

12-string Scott - ReverbNation artist

“Thank you for sharing your music with us. Love all of your songs, but must say that "City Of Joy" is such a comforting worship song. It instantly became one of my favorites.”

Holy Reign - ReverbNation artist

“As I'm starting to listen to City of Joy right now, I am loving your sound already. I can just feel a chemistry of strength and passion coming from Living Waters music. I have to say...Carry On is my absolute favorite so far in my exploring your awesome [music]....”

Stewart Turcan - ReverbNation artist

"Listening to City Of Joy now, I hear a blend of vocal harmonies most of us can only dream of..." Thanks so much, guys!

The Stonehouse Band - ReverbNation artist

“WOOOOOWWWWW!!! Again!! I love your music! The harmonies are amazing and I love the soft accoustic sound. I could get lost in your music! You have been very Blessed by God in your style for sure!”

“Appropriate title-"City Of Joy".Can hear the joy of the Lord in all of your music!”

“Hey Living Waters! Great Christmas album! Anybody looking for a great band, Living Waters is the one!”

littledrummergirl360 - ReverbNation Fan

“Great stuff. digging the cool tones in Nobody Else. Roll the Rock Over is really funky and you guys are tight. and of course City of Joy...Beatle-esque. You guys are putting out some great music,..something the world really needs at this time.”

“...your music is a breath of fresh air in these troubled times. Bless you all!”

Bill Madison - ReverbNation artist

“Songs that are musically excellent with absolutely stellar vocals and harmonies. The songs are uplifting and that is refreshing in these not so uplifting times in which we live....”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation artist

“Wow it's been awhile, but I've returned to show some support. Excellent, Awesome and Amazing Vocals/Harmonies,Musicianship,Arrangements and Production. Playing through: City Of Joy- Peter The Rock. God Bless.... Tony”

Tony - Extreme Dream

“The lead and backing vocals are hot!!! ”

Emmett North Jr. - Guitarist for Chuck Berry & many others

“An article about Living Waters was published on Catholicmom.com by Lisa Hendey! http://catholicmom.com/2011/08/17/catholic-music-spotlight-living-waters/”

“You guys have an awesome, inspired sound. I really love what you have done here. Tight harmonies, solid instrumental backup. Mostly it's the vocals that are impressive. Your sound is obviously anointed.”

Eva Murphy, Harpist - Reverbnation Artist

“Living Waters is a wonderful, powerful ministry, and an absolutely incredible band. The level of composition is SO high and as performers, you're top notch. My FAVORITE THING , musically speaking, is the awesome diversity. I love it!!! "Nobody Else" (strong message/declaration and it ROCKS) , "Loves In a Name"(I had to check the calandar and make sure it wasn't 1976-I absolutely LOVE this song), "Carry On" (beautiful and so encouraging, a much NEEDED song these days), "Roll the Rock Over"(good rocker). I appreciate and PRAISE GOD for your ministry”

James Michael Skeen - Reverbnation Artist

“For a second time, we are going to be a "Featured Artist" on the Main Page of ReverbNation! Look for us, the week of August 2nd, 2011....”

Andrew Southerland - ReverbNation Staff

“Thank you for the link for your music. I listened to "GLORY" and "NOBODY ELSE." Beautiful, soothing to the heart songs. Praise GOD. ”


“Congratulations on your recent [Platinum] Auddy Award! uPlaya™ applauds you on a job well done. You created a product that statistically has a higher potential to be...successful. ”

“Back for more of this wonderful music. You have such a catalog. I enjoyed every song I listened to. From: It's Not The Same thru Fight For Me. Like the Layering of the Vocals. Amazing/Awesome Music.”

Tony - Extreme Dream

“City of Joy of is a beautiful song and the fact that the performance is live even makes it more special.. Music always catches my soul from the first note and never lets go.. Pleasure to be a fan..”

Jonathan Tambe - Reverbnation Artist

“I listened to your tunepack and LOVE the "Carry On" song and "City of Joy"! Beautiful work! ”

Donna - Pure Fusion

“Living Waters' first digital release in 35 years, "Refresh", is now on CD Baby!!: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/LivingWaters”

"This is a great song. Living Waters Music should be known by all Catholics who like to rock." [comment on "Peter the Rock"]

Adam Miller, professional guitarist - Katholicus

“BRAND NEW! A free-standing LW Blog with pictures & clickable links! It's on blogger.com; it's called "Living Waters Blog" There's a box to click in the "Links" section. Find previously published articles, stories, song discussions from LW's old FB & RN blogs: http://livingwatersblog-mlajoie2.blogspot.com . Try it out!”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We receive your words as blessings and encouragement!! We are listening to the tunepak and it is great!!! Your music is REAL and sincere!!! We pray that God continues to bless you!!! Your music is sooooo awesome!!!! ”

LSHG - Awesome ReverbNation Artists

“Really dig your songs and love the beauty you are giving to the people of the World.... ”

Crimson City Romance - Rev

“Listen to "Living Waters". Regardless of your particular beliefs, you can't help but be uplifted by their spacious, melodic tunes and positive message for everyone. Erroll ”

Erroll - Second World

“A stirring collection of 13 songs performed by Merrimack songwriter and musician Mark Lajoie and fellow musicians from Living Waters, a popular local Christian band, is newly released as a downloadable album entitled, “Refresh.”.... ”

Loretta Jackson - Merrimack Journal

“Never heard any better Christian rock....”

Russ Rhyne - Reverbnation Artist

"Merrimack musician 'dips into' online release": headline for the "ENCORE" section of the NASHUA TELEGRAPH! [go to encorebuzz.com/entertainment for March 17, 2011]

Loretta Jackson - "Encorebuzz" - Nashua Telegraph

"Great rock sound. Really gets in your soul."

Billy Martin & The Texas Chosen - Reverbnation Artist

“*sings* NOBODY ELSE LIKE HIM!!! The guitar is rockin!!!! LOVE U GUYS SOUND!!!!!!!! ”

Passionate - Rev

“What a story, and 35 years later to drop a CD! Love the sound, especially It's Not the Same. Rockin' tune, great vocal harmonies! ”

A String and a Prayer - Reverbnation Artist

“Love the consistent message of grace found only in the hope of the gospel. I love "Rock and Boat" It truly ROCKS!”

Danny Ray - Reverbnation Artist

"Nobody Else" is probably my favorite, but the piano intro to "Searching" and most of the instrumental nuances (in all the songs) are genius!

Dustin Rhodes - Reverbnation Artist

“We are currently one of NINE Christian artists being featured on ReverbNation!”

Mark Lajoie - Living Waters

"...great guitar work going on here!! great tracks!!...." commenting on the Living Waters ROCKER TunePak.

Todd Stone, ReverbNation artist

“Loving your sound, something fresh about it like clear mountain air. ”

Robin Anthony Shaw - Reverbnation Artist

“Thank you so very much for your encouraging words. I love your songs! I have listened to "Nobody Else" several times: amazing song!”

Dawn Neptune - Reverbnation Artist

"A beautiful and joyful song! The vocal harmonies are marvelous!" - a review of "City of Joy" by a fellow IM Radio artist [We are now a 'featured artist' on IM Radio

IM Radio

"Excellent build at the beginning. great rockin' beat. Great religious message. There is 'absolutely nothing wrong with' this." Review of "Nobody Else"

ProgRockDan1 - IM Radio friend

“I really was impressed with your music, and yes "Let Me In" is a great song!! Thanks so much for your friendship and I'll definitely keep listening! ”

Present Days Bliss - Reverbnation artist friends

“Thank You. We love your song! We listened to two of them and will return later for some more enjoying....Peter The Rock!!!!!1Great tune!....Great music here We are loving it! ”

Greg n Deb, Reverbnation blues artists - Reverbnation community

“You guys certainly do rock! Great stuff fellas.. keep the rock alive!! ”

Cool Beyond Zero - Reverbnation friends

"Awesome song, brother! Love your music and style! Incredible talent God has blessed you with." Thanks so much, Celestine!

Celestine - Reverbnation community

“I love the music! I would be glad to include some of it on my program, "The Catholic Music Express", and put a link on the artists' page on GrapeVine. Thank you, and God bless! ”

“We would like to highly recommend our long-time friend, John Polce. His music is wonderful, his story is an amazing one and his witness is awesomely authentic. Visit his site at http://www.johnpolce.com/home.html or book him to sing at bookings@johnpolce.com . You will be very happy you listened to his music!”

Mark Lajoie - Living Waters Music

“Congratulations! Your music has been selected for a featured artist spot on Windows Media Guide. Your song will be placed on the front page of Windows Media Guide’s Free Downloads section. October 2010”

Johnny Rigdon - Reverbnation representative to Windows

"The website is beautiful! I just listened to Peter the Rock and now have Glory playing as I write. It is such an inspiration!!!"

Fr. James Laughlin - Pastor, St. Ann's, Wayland, MA

“...And I clicked on the flowing water and got REFRESHED! Listened to it ALL DAY!!!..."”

a "new" old friend of Living Waters - Facebook subscriber

"AWESOME!!! Sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes - from the beauty of the song, the performance, the memories, and the joy of reconnecting with you and the others."

An alumnus of Living Waters

“Friends of LW and LW alumni, Welcome to your place! You are welcome to comment on the blogs, share the music and make it your own. Visitors, by sharing in this place you become a 'friend of Living Waters' & as Mike once said, "can't you feel His loving arms around you". Enjoy!”

Living Waters Music

"Wow! Beautiful music - beautiful dancing - beautiful sentiment. Fantastic!" after seeing the "Lonely Dancer" video

edgerunner82 - YouTube viewer

“Hi Mark, Congratulations on this fabulous way to keep the spirit and the Spirit alive in so many ways. I went on the site and was very impressed with the whole thing... Peace, Ken”

Ken Calabria - Bghs.org

“MAN - I can't tell you how psyched I am to be back in touch with you I am so excited to go back and listen to all these songs. Just hearing your voices & playing again has me smiling!!!”

Chuck Trella - Former Living Waters member

“Mark Lajoie's song, "Peter the Rock" was received by Pope John Paul II through Ambassador Flynn. John Paul the Great conferred his Apostolic Blessing in return...”

Mark Lajoie - Living Waters Music

“We have shared the stage with John Michael Talbot, Dana, John Polce and others, playing venues like Yankee Stadium, the World Marriage Encounter Convention, Hartford Civic Center and Providence Civic Center in a wide variety of styles.”

Mark Lajoie - Living Waters Music