Live Hart / Press

"Singer-songwriter Live Hart has revealed herself and given listeners exactly that with Honesty, the musician’s debut release. "

"Singer/songwriter Live Hart creates music that effortlessly blends indie sounds with soul. Her debut album, “Honesty”, lives up to its name with genuine lyrics and a sincere delivery."

"Singer/songwriter Live Hart likes to write on the basis of personal experience, and with her debut album “Honesty” released this past December, she has proven to be just that; honest about her experiences and feelings, bringing them all to attention in this simple, soulful and heartwarming production."

““I was expecting something like a clean cut R&B record, but was surprised by the depth within each track.””

““Live Hart is an artist to watch. She’s true to herself, and the songs included here on Honesty come from a place of authenticity. The richness and versatility of her songwriting is impressive.””

“A beautiful feel good artist.”

Honey Larochelle

"From the first cut on the album to the last - Real Music lives inside Live Hart"

Michael A. Saunders, Program Director WCFB-FM

“Innovative, unrelenting and engaging; the essence of artistry.”

Larry B. Davis, Music Industry Veteran

“Very talented artist”

DJ Crier – Meer Music Radio Host

“The music is definitely soulful and I love her vocals. 'What Is Love' is hot and will be in rotation for awhile”

DJ X-Treme - Basement Soul Radio