LIT UP / Press

“There is a full and rich rock sound to their music. It is hard to believe that there are only four guys in the band when you listen. This band takes over the stage when they perform live, taking the performance to a new level”

"LIT UP is Florida's next big emerging band getting ready to hit the national scene. If you haven't experienced their live show, all I can say is hold on. It's like drinking a case of Red Bull! Powerful, memorable hooks and a driving raw energy that keeps you coming back"

“it;s like Disturbed Mixed with 80's Hair Metal! ....These Guys Rock Hard!”

“With A ferocious sound to match their name, the Orlando Florida based band, LITUP are making waves and turning heads with their brand of high energy, face melting rock. Their sound is reminiscent of 80's hard rock ala Motley Crue, with a modern touch, monster drums, raging guitar riffs and big sing along choruses. LITUP is a band on the verge of a national break, keep your eyes and ears peeled for them in 2012 ”

“Their songs are without a doubt head-bangers. What’s not to like about that? I can’t stop banging my head, guys! Does anyone have aspirin? You’ll need it when you’re done with Lit Up”

“Lit Up's show is very high energy with a "we're coming at you" attitude. Danny's vocals are strong and defined. Tee Jay stands 6'8 so not only does he stand tall but his playing stands out as the only guitar in the band with a style similar to Mick Mars. Josh keeps a heavy pounding beat on his Pearl drumkit and perhaps the most "active" band member is Randy who reminds me of Rudy Sarzo twisting, flipping, and moving himself and his bass all around the stage. Despite the comparisons to their influences, they certainly are musicians in their own right.”