Little Sugar and The Big Spoonful / Press

“s she digs through the vast catalog of great American blues songs, looking for the ones that best suit her soul. And she succeeds. Short in stature, but tall in raw power, Anderson shook the walls of the funky bar on Park Ave. with her vocal prowess and energy. Earl Hooker’s “You Got to Lose” opened the evening, setting the tone nicely, as guitarist Mike Lynch, a very impressive young up-and-comer, explored some delta-style noodlings on his Fender Stratocaster. Also sprinkled through the first set was Etta James’ “Watch Dog,” Tom Waits’ “Down Down Down,” and “Mojo Hanna,” a hot little tune from Little Esther Phillips. The Waits tune was particularly good, as the band reinvented the original and made it their own. Throughout the set, Keri was singing with fierce energy, her body language suggesting someone about to jump out of their shoes.”