The Little Rockers Band / Press

“BIG CROWD TURNS OUT FOR LITTLE ROCKERS “They came by the dozens, tiny and under two, wearing headbands and Mohawks alike, their tiny fists raised to the air with index and pinky fingers extended towards the sky, miniature rockers coming together to find truth in something other than the Wiggles. [The Little Rockers Band]… delivered a show of eclectic and upbeat tunes from the stage to a crowd of toddlers all at the same time sitting, legs crossed on the brightly colored rug beneath them, standing, or hopping up and down with a rhythm truly their own. …[they] give kids a first taste of Rock and Roll designed just for them. – Patch.com ”

“Gathered from their music classes for parents and preschoolers, this remix includes a dozen songs from the group’s Spring 2009 session. Chris and Jessie Apple lead the group and either wrote or co-wrote the songs, except for Charlotte Caffey’s classic “We Got the Beat.” Each track has a different beat or musical style and strives to deliver a gentle message. Standouts include “This Is My Guitar” (a country rock introduction to the musical instrument), “Nobody’s Cat” (a jazzy story-song about the neighborhood stray cat), “Phil the Fish” (a Caribbean-flavored tale about a fish), “Stinky Pete the Pirate” (a sea chantey that encourages good hygiene in its tale about a smelly pirate), and “New Baby Brother Blues” (a lamentation about the new sibling). Surprises are found in some songs, such as “I Wanna Go Somewhere,” which ends up jetting off to space and meeting an alien, and “Rock & Roll Zoo,” which compares musical instruments with zoo animals.”