Littleman in C Major / Press

“Getting a cold never sounded more pleasant ^_^ [ed: Catch a Cold]”

Jeffrey A. - Facebook

“Leo, you had me singing the chorus in my mind as I listened. Real good song. Simple. To the point. Beautiful tune. This is a good one. [ed: We Miss You Everyday]”

“This is was SOOOO relaxing to listen to ... this provided the perfect afternoon escape. Thank you. I think you've taken an interesting approach to showcasing your lyrics. They were very pretty (I especially liked the "and daisy will be grateful" line) ... [ed: Rainy, Rainy Day]”

“What an absolutely beautiful melody and song. As I read the lyrics, I found myself nodding in agreement. You've created a small masterpiece here. My hat's off to you. [ed: Circle]”

“A beautiful piano melody there. I enjoyed it a lot. Lyrically, it reminds me of some Chinese poetry I have read. [ed: Rainy, Rainy Day]”

“A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. [ed: Circle]”