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“Livingston guitarist and songstress Ashly Jane Holland and the fellas, the Pistol Whips, have put out their first CD, replete with 14, count 'em, original tunes. Holland possesses a throwback voice to the days of unadulterated country, a milieu that's all sliced up now into a bunch of categories. Hers is a trilly, earthy sound, that, coupled with the range of emotion she expresses on her well-written sagas, makes her one of the most authentic singers around. Suffice it to say she'd be at home in Butcher Holler with Loretta Lynn; nd indeed Holland credits her as an influence. Or how about in Tennessee with Dolly? Holland's country warble has Parton's inflections at times. She could go farther back than that if she wanted. Folk artist Gillian Welch is a modern influence for the singer. Great production from the Grammy-winning Doc Wiley, and fine musicianship here. It's a terrific first effort, and although Holland pushes her voice at times, she's strong enough to pull it off.”

“Little Jane and the Pistol Whips did exactly what they set out to do with their new album "This Town." The album is what bassist Russ Smith calls "a resurgence of down-home sound. The album draws from country music's roots in blues, folk, bluegrass and Celtic music, with the mellow sounds of a southern spiritual thrown in on "Honesty." It is the music that seems organic to Montana, to home. Front woman Ashly Jane Holland has the heart of Kathy Mattea and the sass of Mary Chapin Carpenter. She delves into the sappy one minute, then shows you so much soul in her voice to warm the hardest of hearts. The album succeeds at retaining the classic sound achieved by performing live into the studio, as bands did before multi-tracking became the norm. Actually, the album succeeds on all accounts. It features a wonderfully wide range of instruments prominent in classic country and bluegrass -- dobro, mandolin, pedal steel, piano and banjo -- and the band's own twist with horns and baritone sax.”

“You might not want to be literally pistol whipped, but Little Jane & the Pistol Whips will whip you onto the dance floor with their foot-stomping beats of old country twang and contemporary Americana. Led by the powerful songwriting and dynamic vocals of Ashly Holland, this popular band has not only reinvented itself with a brand new sound and lineup.Original members Ashly Holland and fellow singer-songwriter Russ Smith on bass, welcome the melodic sounds of Quinton King on electric guitar and rocking beats and tight rhythms of Paul Decker on drums. This Town, produced by Grammy Award winning recording engineer Doc Wiley. To record the album, which showcases a handful of talented regional musicians, the band crammed into a small room and did it the old fashioned way: live.”

Alison Grey - Bozeman Monthly

“What’s in a name? For one thing, “Little” Ashly Jane Holland ‘aint so little, she’s just shy of six feet. Another thing is that the sound coming from this band will surely whip you out onto the dance floor. Initially, listeners may be drawn to a familiar old tune, maybe something from Ernst Tubb or Loretta Lynn. Lean in a little closer and you may hear a bit of Willie, Patsy Cline or even later country music luminaries such as Dwight Yoakam and Gillian Welch. Their original songs can’t be categorized that easily, but one thing’s for sure — there’s a bit of something everyone will like.”