Little Fyodor / Press

“The rock and roll equivalent of seeing a chicken with it's head cut off. Schizophrenia for your enjoyment.”

“It’s extreme, and extremely funny.”

“...he can write hooky tunes, thoughtful lyrics and thought provoking comedy.”

“A mental calliope of grandeur and disillusionment for the children of the Subgenius.”

“Little Fyodor is blessed with a face, a voice, and body language that makes his presentation as a weirdo outsider music kook beyond convincing. What he doesn't possess is the ability to mask that his strange, urgent music is by no means the work of an outsider kook. This is deliberate, nuanced, masterful music by a smart, knowledgable musician, it's music that cohesively explores anxiety, lustfully contemplates sexuality, viciously considers God, war, death (a brutally morbid cover of "Both Sides Now)", nature, mental illness, and duck fucking.”

“Little Fyodor is the most punk rock thing in Denver.”

“Better than heroin!”