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“Little Embers featured in The Garrett! http://www.thegarret.org/?p=580”

“Little Embers' music featured on Milk Of Minutia Podcast!”

"Little Embers debut full length is a fantastic album..."

"Electric guitarist Anthony Rizzo calls on his punk roots (his band Garden Variety was a zine favorite in the early/mid-nineties) to keep these no-frills tunes gutsy without compromising the dreamy vibes. Theresa Hoffmann's rocker croon, a curious blend of whimsy and defiance, oscillates with the mood of the music. It's nice to hear artists play off each others' smoldering latencies with such sure-handed poise. They're dropping their new album, Raise the Dead, Saturday March 12th, so come out and discover this nice couple from Queens before everyone else does."

"‎Little Embers deliver a bitter-sweet ecstasy."

Vladimir Vukicevic - CTO RocketHub Inc.

“As you know, I love that Little Embers CD, have told a lot of people about it, and of course I still play it a lot. I've had tons of records and CDs in my time, but this is the first one that I like every tune on it in totality. Dylan's Blonde on Blonde is close, but still not wall-to-wall like the Little Embers.”

J. Orso - Fan

“Not only are K & I crazy about the "Raise the Dead" CD, but when we went to visit K's folks in Akron a few weeks ago, she turned her mom & mom's boyfriend onto it and THEY love it too!!”

K. Schienheit - Fan

"Her poetry is full of ambient concepts, wit, and creative structures. She doesn’t lean on end rhyme if it doesn’t come naturally to what she’s trying to say. And her imagery – “vultures stain my sky” – can be chilling."

"Little Embers music is a dark swirling revelation. Her voice is dark and sweet and it draws you in. Little Embers music has a sweet seductive edge. Her dark, caustic prespective on reality has a world weariness and innate wisdom that is quite compelling"

McQ - New Century Music

“When Astoria’s own Little Embers took the stage, the band and its frontwoman Theresa Hoffman treated the crowd to the classic pop and catchy hooks that have made them an undeniable presence in the Queens music scene." ”