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“There's something fitting about a band like Little Country Giants recording music in a farmhouse built at a time when Abraham Lincoln was still just a lanky upstart Illinois politician with grand ambitions.Formed more than a decade ago by husband and wife Russell Cook and Cameron Federal, Little Country Giants plays music that sounds at turns sepia-toned and timeless — new songs with old bones.The North Georgia roots-folk ensemble's repertoire is a circuit ride through a variety of Southern styles, from dust-coated blues and board-stomping honky-tonk to Appalachian ballads fit to tear a heart in two. At its core, however, are its co-founders' haunting vocal harmonies, which Flagpole Magazine describe as being echoes "of another era."Where better to record music like that", Federal asks, than in the 180-year-old home she and Cook share outside the so-sleepy-it-might-be-dead Georgia hamlet of Oakman?”

"This long-awaited album from the Little Country Giants (husband and wife duo Russell Cook and Cameron Federal) is a revelation. The Giants have always been known for their rustic, genuine, Southern Appalachian sound, clever songwriting, and warm harmonies of a real-life couple. Dead Reckoning expands on their signature sound (with horns!) without losing any of the authentic feel of their previous works. This is a band that could have entertained Okies on the dust bowl migration, yet their music will appeal to modern alt- folk, country, and Americana fans. Standout songs include Whiskey, Just a Little Bit, and Alright to Be Wrong, although, honestly, they’re all strong. Dead Reckoning represents a slightly new direction for the Giants. I just hope we don’t have to wait too many years for the follow-up album to see where this direction leads them." - Woody Baltimore

“Dax Rosetti, the producer of the stellar album that turned most of us on to Little Country Giants, “Breaking Hearts and Living Free” is back with this one. The new album titled “DEAD RECKONING” (available on iTunes via this link) which is also a song title, pushes the boundaries set by their solid neo-traditional acoustic approach. This time around the duo of Russell and Cameron Cook take turns alternating lead dominance on vocals on nearly every other song.”

“The clearest way to express complicated emotions is to do so simply. This is exactly what Little Country Giants have successfully and consistently accomplished since their debut album, Just For This Songs Time, was released in 2003. The group hails from the sleepy town of Oakman, GA, and its members' Appalachian background certainly manifests itself in their music. Fronted by guitarist Russell Cook and bassist Cameron Federal, the quartet’s dreamy folk tunes and breathtaking male/female harmonies are reminiscent of another era. By Katie Kenerly, Flagpole Magazine, July 2013”

“In her essay “The Lost Art of The South,” Rebecca Parker laments the demise of the music Emmylou Harris characterized as having “that washed in the blood element.” For Parker, “The artists who embody the South do not wash worries in whimsy, but attempt connection amidst isolation, loss, and disillusionment.” Think “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” or a tale from Eudora Welty. In contrast, most of the music played today on country music radio, as Parker notes, is about “what we do in the South … but not who we are.” Parker grew up in Virginia listening to the same country music that Cameron Federal Cook and her husband, Russell Cook—the duo at the heart of the Little Country Giants—have been listening to and playing for most of their lives. It’s to that deep Southern well of sadness that the Cooks return to again and again for inspiration. As Russell, also a painter and teacher at a community college, recently said, “Some of the songs I write have a d”

“Located near Carter’s Lake in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains, Ranger, GA is about as rural as you’re gonna get within a half-tank of Atlanta, and it’s easy to picture the Little Country Giants pickin’ their delightfully uncontemporary, organic country tunes with friends on their front porch out on Nicklesville Road. Fists of Foam and Fury, the new CD from the husband-and-wife duo, never sits still in one tempo or style for very long, delving in playful shuffles and slow drinkers with equal aplomb, Russell and Cameron Cook sharing the lead vocals generously (actually, Cameron’s voice is fairly stunning, if you want to know the truth – check out “Mamma Please” near disc’s end for a prime example), ably assisted by a pack o’ talented musical pals. They play regularly in the Atlanta area, but not excessively; they are well worth your time, either live or on this fine album. Jeff Clark Stomp and Stammer”

Jeff Clark - Stomp and Stammer

“Honest and unpretentious country tunes Little Country Giants are aptly named, for despite their relative lack of profile their new album shows them to be lofty guardians of the vernacular traditions of American music. Their sound confidently draws on elements of bluegrass, honky-tonk and western swing to compliment songs which are admirable in their simplicity and conviction and although they may not progress the genre to any great extent, their contributions often perfect encapsulations of its greatest strengths. 'Your Annie Is Gone' has a genuinely ancient and haunting feel, resembling some antique folk ballad such as 'Peggy-O', whilst 'Weary Worn Wanderers' aims for a stark, unaffected spiritual quality and succeeds.”

“The band manages to marry their instrumental prowess with their thoughtful classic country lyrics. The Giants have shown another facet of their strong country craftsmanship and instrumental chops. They have managed to make little country songs into a variety of things (simple, catchy & aching come to mind). [The Little Country Giants write ballads that] feel like a country dance under the Georgia moon. ”

“Little Country Giants: Back by popular demand this talented husband and wife duo of Russell and Cameron Cook will bring their full band with them for their return performance on the Mountain Music & Medicine Show. With three highly acclaimed recording projects under their belts, the “Little Country Giants” are one of the most highly respected and sought after country/folk acts to hit the music circut in recent years.”

“The Mountain Music & Medicine Show has received 3 GABBY awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters for best locally produced radio program in the entire state. After seeing the show I can clearly see why-but what makes the awards even more remarkable is knowing the radio show is put on by a volunteer effort.While I enjoyed it all-my favorite aspect of the show was 'discovering' 2 bands I had never heard of but will be adding to my ever growing list of favorites. The music of Yahoola and Little Country Giants will be running around in my head for days to come. Neat to think they've been performing an hour and half away for a good while-and until last night I had never heard of them. See what I mean about great musicians being around every corner-all we have to do is take the time to look for them.”