Little Black Rain Clouds / Press

“Like music that would be the calm before the coming storm.”

Lillith Black - The Plastics

“Nice Chord Changes. Wish I'd have thought of 'em.”

Carina Round (Puscifer)

“The complete uniqueness of [your] remix really made it stand out. Even with such a different approach to the song, it keeps the integrity of the original.”

Chris Vrenna - Tweaker/NIN/M.Manson

“Some of the glitchy stuff sounds weirdly organic, and I like that contrast. Beautiful work.”

David Marfield - Film Director

“Please keep making music, you're on a very good path!”

Zoog - Angelspit

“Did not see that coming man, electro has gotten pretty stagnate and by the numbers.. this was definitely not that.. very cool.”

J - Roughhausen