Little Big Box / Press

“real great and amazing work! u r dreamy n we adore your style vibe n sound! go on fascinating us with your talent :)”

Sarah and Tormy

“A Second Yes These Guys Are Talented From Mactrak Recordings Roster 3 { Good Rockin Sound } {Coming From Ireland Its Little Big Box }”

Mactrak Recordings

“We Recommend U Guys 100% Ur Music Is Superb Godbless Ur Music!!! From Mactrak Recordings”

Mactrak Recordings

“Hi There Lisa Ur Music Is Superb Plus The Rest Of The Guys Are Awesome Sounding Great:-)) I Always Like 2 hear From Bands That Rock Out Catchy Numbers In Ones Music :-)) Keeping Going Never Give Up”

Mactrak Recordings

“Awesome Music!! Music connects all people and bridges all gaps. I’m a fan.”

Slim and Red - Reverbnation

“ It is a tremendous pleasure to have awesome musicians like you around! Keep on delivering the goods!”

Reverbnation - Jason knox/ Impuria

“Wow..I thought "changes" was a stunner, with that gorgeous raw, smoky vocal (like Marianne Faithfull getting down with Janis Joplin), until I trawled your list and found "crash and burn"..freakin staggering!! You guys are amazing..what a huge, heavy and roaring sound. Big thumbs up and cap-doffs of respect to ya! ”

Reverbnation - Artist - MikeWhitePresents

"Little Big Box’s debut is an alt.rock whitewater ride. A powerful organic sound belies their minimal three-piece line-up and pivots round principal songwriter Lisa-Marie Lyle’s distinctive vocal and heartfelt lyrics. A thrilling slap in the face with a velvet glove. Tough love."

DMcC - Bizarre Magazine

“Think your music is fantastic, mate. Love the dynamics. You got something special.”

Reverbnation - 78B A Bohemian Band