Lite Feed Frenzy / Press

"I cannot speak highly enough of Lite Feed Frenzy. Their music is just simply fantastically written rock tunes; original, catchy and packing a serious punch. Their performance was rammed full of energy and the audience was clearly sucked in and loved every minute of it, as did I."

Nat Gearing - Absent Kelly

"Lite Feed Frenzy are our fave Aussie piece powerpoppin' grunge punk heavy hitters...got the tunes, got the look , got the laissez faire tood."

““These guys definately have some punch mixing inviting banter with heavy riffs-very entertaining, fully engaging””

““Catchy melodic rock, like a poppier foo fighters really, Insistent hooky choruses and a band that really know how to get a decent groove on””

"They play some kick arse music and its hard to disagree with that"