"Listonia is a woman like a band, she is a dancer,rapper,model, singer and DJ all at the same time"

“With her multicultural background possesing Siberian,German and Russian roots and deep influences by urban and reggae music, the artistic Listonia hopes to bring a new and different apporach to songwriting.”

“Call Me Back koostöös Mr. Lexx'iga annab aimu Listonia esimese, millalgi tulevikus valmiva albumi meeleolust.”

Kaire-Maali Lohmus - Reggae.ee

“Originated from a little country in Eastern Europe - Estonia, this versatile songwriter had the guts and the passion to cross over the barriers of Europe, Jamaica, Canada to NYC while being so widely and deeply influenced by the whole Jamaican Culture...”

“Featuring MR. LEXX this song shows Listonia’s versatility as a songwriter and also as a co-producer.”