Listing Ships / Press

“'Seriously epic tunes in the vein of experimental electro-instrumentalists Holy Fuck... each song is crammed with dynamics created by big punchy blasts of sound and elegant progressions.'”

Who's Jack

“'Listing Ships combine elements of many of the great nineties post-rock bands; from the cyclical, jarring grooves of Rodan, the tense, spidery guitar work of Slint, the interlocking rhythms of Shipping News and the expansive, airy elegance of Tortoise. Add to that some anthemic guitar heroics via Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins and we’re clearly off to a winner.'”

Oxfordshire Music Scene

“'A minor revelation. Reminiscent of the similarly relentless Factory Floor, they are bursting with exciting ideas which makes the presence of a lone lightbulb on stage all the more appropriate. Their seemingly unending and coruscating guitar lines and superb drumming are the foundation of a superb set; indeed, we’re so stunned at the conclusion of the songs that in one instance the bassist must remind us that the tune is over before we clap.' ”

The Line of Best Fit

“‘Having had their Winter Warmer minifestival destroyed by snow last month, Gappy Tooth Industries return to action with possibly their strongest regular gig line-up. London’s The Oscillation were the undisputed highlight of last year’s Audioscope, mixing krautrock rhythmic intensity, shoegaze dreaminess and electroambience into a simultaneously hypnotic, icy and enervating whole that recalls elements of Silver Apples, Spacemen 3, Neu! and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop and should provoke a mass outbreak of zonked-out head-nodding amongst the gathered throng. Joining them tonight, and playing their debut gig, are Listing Ships, the new band formed by former members of Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element, Witches and From Light To Sound, continuing to explore the outer reaches of instrumental synthscapes.’”

Nightshift, Oxford's music magazine