Lisa O'Kane / Press

“If O'Kane wanted to she could go to Nashville and take a shot at the big time. The stunningly beautiful O'Kane would have no problem there. O'Kane is also, however,a committed artist who wants to do her music her way - a sort of neo-New Traditionalist, if not at the cost of relegating herself forever to the purgatory of cult, which is to say alt.country/Americana act. It Don't Hurt amounts to an impressive effort at balance, where intelligent country-pop is mixed with elements of slick rockabilly,as in the pulse-quickening opener,an O'Kane original, "Ain't Done Nothin', " pushed by Albert Lee's propulsive electric lead guitar) and modern folk (John Prine's "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness," an excellent choice in a movingly desolate treatment).Grounded yet marketable music is what this is and from the evidence of Hurt,O'Kane knows how to get it done ”

“Suffice it to say that It Don't Hurt is a masterful collection of heart-touching songs, wonderfully full, yet simple arrangements, and beautiful vocals. It's modern country with strong nods to the traditional sounds and styles of country music's past. If you don't have this CD, you're missing out on a wonderful musical journey. ”

Mary DuVal - Int's Country Music

“O'Kane has a rich, clear voice and an ability to tell great,heartfelt stories with it. This album is a moving and beautifully crafted set of home truths worth investigating. ”

Mark Deming - All Music Guide

““O’Kane personifies the cliché ‘I could listen to her sing the phonebook,’ but how much better to hear that wonderful voice wrapping itself around worthwhile songs.” ”

John Conquest - 3rd Coast Magazine

“LISA O'KANE - "IT DON'T HURT" O'Kane has an amazing voice that resonates with a crossover crowd. She possesses a country-rock urgency that recalls vintage Linda Ronstadt. Among the instantly memorable tracks are the power ballad "Give Me This Night," the poignant "It Don't Hurt" and the honky-tonk "Pay For My Sins," an O'Kane original. On this disc, O'Kane is backed by such top talents as guitarist Albert Lee ”

Paul Freeman - San Mateo Daily News

“Lisa O’Kane covers a wealth of situations on her latest disc, easily moving from humorous to serious material and from bluegrass-influenced pieces to country and pop ones. Whether covering a descriptive, lighter number like “Foggy River,” outlining the impact of a degenerating relationship on “Long Gone” or illuminating the feeling of freedom and emotional triumph on “Peace of Mind,” O’Kane has an easy yet compelling manner and bright, celebratory sound. Whether doing a stripped-down tune like “Settle Down” with sparse instrumentation and arrangement or more extensive, produced pieces, O’Kane consistently is credible and impressive in her presentation and approach. While backed by top players like keyboardist Skip Edwards, bassist Bob Glaub and steel ace Jay Dee Maness, what makes Peace of Mind O’Kane’s standout work is the main ingredient.”

Ron Wynn - Nashville City Paper