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"The mood is intimate as her duo accompaniment...Lindsley's simple delivery is delicate and unaffected." John Ephland- Downbeat, March issue (3 stars)

John Ephland - Downbeat

"This is a most pleasant CD from a Bay Area singer who we need to keep an eye on - and ears wide open for years to come... her lifelong appreciation for jazz artistry is a considerable asset. She was no casual listener. Lindsley’s charming and expressive voice catches your ear because of her natural sense of phrasing, timing and expression."

“One way to separate jazz singing wheat from chaff is the presence of elegant simplicity. It is this quality that Lisa Lindsley's debut, Every Time We Say Goodbye, has in copious amounts, due to the fortunate intersection of a music savvy/recording naive singer in Lindsley; the availability of empathetic support in pianist George Mesterhazy and bassist Fred Randolf; and the presence of emotional challenge in the singer's life. The result is a sonic alchemy that is simple and pure a quicksilver and equally elusive.”

"...sings with the unhurried cadence of a mature woman." "Alice in Wonderland" ... manages to be dreamy and world-weary at the same time." ~ R Swan East Bay Express

““You know I’m a sucker for ballads. ‘The Very Thought of You’ and ‘Everytime We Say Goodbye’ are masterpieces, but the whole album is a snapshot of love, talent, and sincerity working in perfect synchronicity.””

George Mesterhazy, on Lisa Lindsley's upcoming album - George Mesterhazy

"With the first few notes of her ravishing interpretation of “The Nearness of You,” Lindsley unveils a sound that’s impishly girlish yet forthrightly womanly, suffused with a lived-in sensuality that flows from an interesting life. In her former career as an actor, she learned the art of letting silences speak volumes. She brings the same kind of communicative power to a bewitched, bothered version of “The Very Thought of You,” while her interpretation of Billie Holiday’s “Don’t Explain” infuses the song’s masochism with almost cheerful defiance. She plays the sassy moll on “Why Don’t You Do Right” and suffers magnificently on “Everytime We Say Goodbye.” After nine tracks, Lindsley leaves her listeners wanting more, a true sign of a show biz professional."

Andrew Gilbert - Andrew Gilbert

"Everytime We Say Goodbye...A fine roll of silk filled with colors, light and compassion..."

Hermando Bosset - Ethnic Arts Institute

"Lisa's light, fresh sound is, at times, reminiscent of Blossom Dearie, but mostly she sounds like herself! Her playful and humorous performances are delightful and highly recommended and her dedication to the music is paying off big time as she turns into a real jazz singer and band leader."

Laurie Antonioli, director of the Jazzschool Vocal Jazz Studies program - Laurie Antonioli