Lisa Donna / Press

“I would highly recommend Lisa Donna and her musicians to enchance the flavor of your afternoon or evening activity. Lisa has a beautiful soprano voice and a wining personality. Her brief introductions to the tunes she plans to share add musical and lyrical information. She adds touches of humor and romance and then vows your audience with her wonderful renditions of classic jazz and pop favorites.”

Vinny Green, Wilshire Boulevard Temple - Letter of Recommendation

"Hearing a performance by Lisa Donna is like visiting the rich vocal jazz tradition of Ella, Billie, Carmen and Sarah. Her scat singing is off the chart and her ballads will touch your heart. Listen for Lisa Donna!!!

Bill Augustine - Jazz Pianist/Producer/Jazz Educator

"Lisa Donna is an Artist and a wonderful singer. She has a beautiful voice and amazing glow when she performs. Her calm personality and spirituality come through as she puts words to music in her special way. Lisa Donna is a professional. Easy to work with and respective to the audience and institution that she performs at. She engages the audience during her show and they love to hear her voice. I recommend Lisa Donna to any performance in any occasion!"

Sarah Hanuka - Letter of Recommendation