Lisa Banton / Press

“damn im feelin yo music! i must say thats one of the best voices i heard in a minute keep doin yo thang!!”

“Im goin make it official and say it: YOU ARE ON YOUR A-GAME..When i 1st heard the make it official track Mary J came to mind..Not that yall sound alike but the strength your voice brought to the track....Im a fan babygirl”

“you are an inspiration for all the young ladies out here in T O to do something positive and effective with their time and still keep it breezy ;D lol ”

“You're my inspiration.”

“Beautiful voice,and your words are tight!”

“I will keep my ears on you for sure. I remember stumbling across your voice over of T.I.'s "no matter what" on youtube. I (kloaked) was so impressed I left a comment about the spirit in your voice. I am still impressed. Keep up the good work. If my wishes have any value, your dreams will come true.”

“You have a refreshing sound!”

“When I first heard your song "Say You Will", I fell in love with it straight away =) You've got talent! Keep on doing your thing =) Much love, ”