Lipbone Redding / Press

"Unpretentious, Unadulterated, Unique Music. The "Lipbone" is used as a secret weapon along with traditional, stand-up bass, drums, and guitar. A pleasure to hear, and a must see band. Electrifying!" -

Rick Schneider - WKZE

"I never know exactly how to describe Lipbone, so I don't. What I can describe is how one feels during and after a Lipbone show: blissful, joyful, happy, inspired, elated, and never wanting the night to end."

Honey Sepeda, Talent Buyer

"Audiences find that even in solo performance Redding is equipped to get the party started...and anyone not moving and/or smiling needs to get their pulse checked because there is a good chance that they are dead and just don't know it."


"Lipbone Redding and the Lipbone Orchestra may be the most remarkable band I've seen. Playing mostly original material, the present a wonderfully entertaining and engaging show. They interact with the audience and there is a story for nearly every song. Jeff Eyrich (bass) and Rich Zukor (drums) provide tight, driving rhythms behind the gritty and bluesy vocals, guitar, and voice instrumentals of Mr. Redding himself - who just could be the hottest trombonist around. Check out their recordings but see them in person if you can. You won't believe your eyes, and you won't stop smiling."

Jim Primrock - Colorado Blues Society

"Three guys, one funky orchestra."

Dave Madeloni - Berkshire Eagle

"Tom Waits feel with a little Jack Johnson pop sensibility."

Benjy Kantor - Sonicbids.com

"Thankfully Lipbone Redding is far more than just his ability to make trombone sounds with his mouth and turns out not only to be a decent songwriter but an intelligent and skilled musician."

Richard Marcus - Blog Critics

"The Lip that wouldn't end. Very, very talented"

Joey Reynolds - WOR Radio

"Lipbone knows high-spirited live performance and brings back that old school standard of trend-setting, heartfelt singers who ooze charisma. This is music that plays to the soul."

GoTriad Scene

"...a raconteur who can also play riffs that will captivate an audience in seconds flat. His moments of falsetto tall-tales are filled with hilarity, too."

Shea Carver - Encore Archives

"This man is an immense talent! He's got a genuine gift... so refreshing. It is so nice to hear music for a change. He's got a spark there and I love it. I predict success!"

The Amazing Kreskin - .

““If you had to peg him, one might say he’s a sort of Franti-meets-Gillespie type jam jazz.””

Hartford Courant

““Lipbone Redding brings new meaning to using one’s voice as an instrument. The Lipbone Orchestra is in fact a trio, but can get away with the implication of that there is as stage full of musicians.””

NY1 News