Lions After Dark / Press

“The best local band I've seen in 22 years!”

Jesse Kage - Kage Kult Entertainment, 98 Rock

“They’re playing a unique mix of soulful 70s influenced songs, but in the indie vein. The singer of this band is a superstar. Her voice is amazing, she’s beautiful, and she is absolutely fearless on stage — but in a totally humble, genuine and approachable way, making it impossible not to fall in love with her.... The entire band is a bunch of genuine, loveable people (three girls and one guy — awesome)....”

“Lions After Dark are an incredible live band with a powerful stage presence and solid look about them. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them as they were professional and all around cool people. They are easily one of the best bands in the Tampa Bay area.”

Sarah Gecan - No Clubs Productions

“Pfieffer’s full-throated soprano is strong and clear as it rises over the band’s buoyant melodies, synthesizer pulses and punchy rhythms keeping things fresh and fun....”