Lines In the Sky / Press

"Lines In The Sky incorporate everything from metal, jazz, and pop into their forthcoming LP, Parallel Travel. It all gets wrapped up into one chunk of sound on 'Admiral'”

"If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill rock, then you need to spend some time with Lines In The Sky. Cutting-edge and catchy as all get out, the Nashville trio’s forward-thinking brand of punk is guaranteed to add some welcome variety to your regular rotation, especially if you’re a fan of Coheed and Cambria and other progressive acts..."

"This Nashville-based trio peddle in rock that is aggressive and progressive, without falling into scream cliches or jam-band noodling..."

"We're pleased to bring you the premiere of Lines In the Sky's new Christmas track and video entitled 'New Season'!"

"...very epic lyrical concept tied together with a dynamic piece of music..."

“Solid musicianship...flawless voice...gorgeous symphony-like orchestration of guitars, bass, and drums...Hilasterion could easily be a soundtrack to an entire movie, from top to bottom. The music really takes you on a journey, filled with peaks, valleys, and unadulterated rock power...Lines In the Sky's star is about to shine even brighter.”

“Lines In the Sky's new album Hilasterion is a featured Rock pick on Tunecore's "New Music Tuesdays" blog! May 6, 2014”

“Lines in The Sky are a trio from Nashville all aged 20 and under but rocking like they’ve been a complete band for decades. Their delivery and instrument prowess combined with music that sounds familiar but has a lot of complexity underneath is what makes them stand out as a band I’d like to keep an eye for the future. Here’s the music video to “Threads”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unsjigRSji0&feature=player_embedded”

“Lines In the Sky is named Honorable Mention in Deli Magazine's Nashville Year-End Poll for Emerging Artists! Voted on by magazine editors from NYC (Paolo De Gregorio), Portland (Benjamin Toledo), and San Francisco (Gracie Gutman).”

“LITS is in Nashville's Top 300 Indie Bands Chart! http://nashville.thedelimagazine.com/top300”

“LITS is #40 on Nashville's Top 100 Indie Rock Bands chart! http://nashville.thedelimagazine.com/top300?genre=alt%20rock,power%20pop,emo”

“They dive into songs that attack with the energy of punk but retain some psychedelic flourishes. They’ve been compared to The Police, but to me their sound is more reminiscent of faster My Morning Jacket songs like “Anytime”. Hailing from Nashville, Lines in the Sky have been touring the country for the better part of the year. The band’s current EP Dig Deeper was engineered by Richard Dodd whose credits include albums by Tom Petty, The Traveling Wilburys and The Dixie Chicks. ”Threads” has also recently hit #40 on the ”Top 20 + 20 Modern Rock Radio Chart”. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.”

“When you think of the music scene in Nashville, Tennessee, country music and garage rock come to mind straight away. However, being such a musical mecca, Nashville has now churned out a band that does not necessarily fit the mold of the artists that have come out of that city, but can still make it proud. Lines in the Sky are that band. A progressive rock outfit that mix sci-fi elements and thunderous rock and roll together and the surprising thing about them is that the amount of power comes from three guys. Lines in the Sky are bringing back the power trio appeal and pushing it in a whole new direction.”

“Oh right, there’s this thing called RiverBend going on right now—which might be the reason why very few people showed up last night at The Warehouse. Well, while most people paid $10 to park, wandered in the heat and humidity, and listened to mediocre music, those of us at The Warehouse stayed in air conditioning and listened to local musicians Tyler Melashenko, Soul Gate 7, Lines in the Sky (from Nashville), and FareTheeWell. Combined it was a better mix of talent and style than the party going on a few blocks away. Nashville based Lines in the Sky played...full of musical talent, especially frontman Jesse Brock...this melodic, alternative rock band was a delight to watch. Two guitars, a six-string bass, drums, and keyboards combined to create a beautiful, progressive, ethereal sound similar to U2 and MUTEMATH. Lines in the Sky will have a future, so catch them before you have to pay big bucks to see them!”