Lindsey Cardinale / Press

“One of the most phenomenal voices I have heard in my 20+ years as a Music Producer...”

Jimmy B. General - Big River Productions, Manager

“Lindsey is a true southern soul with a powerful voice!”

People Magazine 2005

“Lindsey's voice is very unique and interesting. It's hypnotic and pure.”

Paula Abdul - American Pop Singer/American Idol Judge

“Lindsey gives a very positive attitude; impression rather. It feels good to hear her sing.”

Gene Simmons (KISS) - Rock Bassist/Vocalist

“WIthout question one of the best we've had in today, and it's a breath of fresh air to hear an audition like Lindsey's.”

Simon Cowell - Television Producer/American Idol Judge

“Lindsey is one of the deepest writers I've ever worked with. ”

Scott Feske - Nashville Songwriter

"Her unique vocal sound caused America to fall in love with her."

Rick Amburgey - Strum Magazine