Linda Stonestreet / Press

“***** Cool Cover Art For those who have been patiently waiting since Rose Colored Glasses, Linda Stonestreet delivers to us, Bringer of the Light, a heartfelt album, with her rich, soulful voice strolling down life's journey deciding whether to marvel at mountains or stop for the roses. Her Tumbleweed Dancer remix is an extra special delight! Catherine Eleanor”

“***** Awesome album! Linda's voice feels like it emanates deep from the Earth and flows through every cell of my body as I listen to it. Gene Niec”

“***** Five Stars! Beautiful voice, moving lyrics, great listen from this heartfelt musician. Monica Pohlmann”

“***** Love This Music! Linda's strong, melodic voice draws me in. The lyrics take me to beautiful heights of love and grace. I found myself feeling grounded and peaceful as the music played in the background. Barbara Bickford”

“***** A 'Must Have' addition to any collection Linda's album "Bringer of the Light" takes you to a peaceful place emanating from Mother Earth. Her amazing vocal range mixed with truly enlightened lyrics makes this a piece you will want to listen to over and over again. I am a long time fan, and have many other songs that are delightful, and soulful. But, watching her grow as an artist, in my opinion, this is her best work yet! Sharon Brain”

“***** Brilliant Songwriting! There are a bunch of new favorites on my playlist from this album. Linda's earthy rhythms and vocals, uplifting lyrics, and a deep current of healing energies leave me feeling inspired and blessed. Bring it on, Bringer of the Light! Kimberlie Chenoweth”

“***** Linda Stonestreet's new album "Bringer of the Light" is wonderful! I was blown away by the power of her voice and the lyrics she writes. This is a very heartfelt and deeply moving album. Linda's love of mother earth and her passion for spreading light around the world is so brilliantly woven into each track. Buy this album now! You will LOVE it! Kelly Farley”

“What sticks in my mind about Linda Stonestreet is when she plays music she fully engages her audience and takes her time, is very centered and strong, with a great sense of irony and humor. Powerhouse voice! She is fully plugged into her power-source. Joanne Rand”

“ Linda Stonestreet brings to the stage her genuine love of music. One can tell she just loves to perform, whether for a few folks around the campfire, or a full house. Her songs weave a brilliant web of life stories of love and loss. Her warmth of personality shines through to every audience I have seen her perform for. Whether she is crafting a tune about her childhood experiences or love's web. I always dig that she looks at life with an eye to nature, like one of my all time favorites, TUMBLEWEED DANCER. Her alto vocals and guitar work lean towards the sounds of the West. She always brings a gentleness to her lyrics. She has a smile and laugh that light up any stage. Teresa Reynolds Face the Music KZFR FM 90.1 ”

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