Linda Solotaire, Chanteuse / Press

“Book Her! "I love Linda and more importantly, so do my customers! My business has increased steadily on Linda's night, she is dynamic, versatile, entertaining, and genuine. So happy we found her!"”

“Lively and Vibrant "Ms. Solotaire delivers a song with feeling and nuance... a polished professional who's coolly competent and utterly delightful."”

"What a voice! Linda Solotaire has a voice that enters your ears, sends shivers down your spine, tightens your stomach and warms your heart. I met her before she became a singer full time and I was so proud to see her move toward her passion and her destiny. Her singing is not to be missed. Sultry, smooth, shimmering and stunning. And she is one of the warmest people I know. Make an opportunity to connect with her professionally or as an audience member. Your body and soul will thank you!"

Dimitri William Moore - DWM Producing

“...Thank you so much for the wonderful performance last night. Your reading of the Johnny Mercer lyrics was done with such a beautiful artistic sensitivity, and your narrations on the personal side of Johnny Mercer were quite informative, to say the least....High compliments go out to your band also, John, Stu, and Michael. My two friends really had a great time too-they are musicians also. In closing Thank You again Linda for inviting me to last night's event. I will catch you at Pete Millers and bring some friends to come out and support you.”

J. Bottoms - FB Testimonial

“Absolutely amazing show at Open Door Theater by Linda Solotaire Quartet. One of the most solid jazz shows. Jazz that is straight-ahead yet cultivated to taste, is so rare! This group nails tradition while playing with depth of feeling. Great musicians in the band and incredible stories in between songs. From the bass on "Autumn Leaves" to the insight into the life and work of Johnny Mercer, to the horn solos, to the guitar arrangements, this was musical insight beyond intellectualism and in the flesh.”

H. Frank - FB Testimonial

“Absolutely without question we were blown away! "We were totally entranced with Linda's performance the entire evening. The voice of an angel! True showmanship and professional. Not to mention beautiful both inside and out. We can't wait to host another party and have Linda perform again for us our family and friends. Thank you again Linda!"”

"Very engaging and lively with listeners!!! Great performance and personable..."

“Standards offered with pathos, sexuality, and grace "Ms. Solotaire serves songs--mostly standards, with some contemporary and new work thrown in (the last which we hope to hear more of)--as if she were serving you a beautiful meal she had made, in which the complements are as luscious as the main dish--while remaining complements. I am writing of the underlying interplay of feeling in the songs, which Ms. Solotaire brings out with her voice, her phrasing, her expressions, her grace at the microphone. When there is happiness in a song, there is also a beautiful sort of loss. When there is loss, the person is still there, somewhere. If you are a child, she is a good fairy; if a man, she is a lover whose longing and desire you could cure if everything were different; if you are a woman, she is offering you the deepest feelings and ironies you could experience. Come just to listen to her over-the-top vulnerable performance of "Come Rain or Come Shine." ”

“Linda sings from the heart. "She's a cool, sophisticated, and a gifted performer. Linda sings like an exotic bird and presents her material in the grand tradition of a sultry night club cabaret. Support Linda by enjoying an evening of song and romance. You won't leave before the encore!”

"Great show, would recommend to anyone looking to have a classy night out on the town."

MS from Evanston - Fan