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“Linda Clark and her song New Beginnings will give you chills. Wake up your spirit....it will make you a believer. This is Gospel at it’s finest with an R&B flare, simply lovely.”

“Wonderful song 'New Beginnings.' Ms. Linda Clark has a such a sweet, fragrant voice.”

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“...the CD New Beginnings has a clean and fresh tone. Linda Clark's vocal range highlights the smooth sounds which at times include Soul, light Jazz, and even a little slice of Funk. I challenge anyone to listen to this body of work after a bad day and not be relaxed and spiritually up lifted. It is a great CD to refresh a person's batteries and heal one's Body, Heart, Mind, & Soul from the daily stresses we place on ourselves.”

"When listening to Linda one can’t help but see how her sound is reminiscent to that of power vocalist such as Cece Winans and Heather Headley. She uses her ability to enlighten the hearts and minds of others through song."

"Listening to Linda Clarks’ “New Beginnings” reminds me of the days when you would be so slain in worship that you would lay flat on the floor pouring your heart out to God."

“The song “Because of You” encapsulates a body of emotions rushing to the depths of actual worship in what I like to term in my own word as a POLYDIPSIA, the vocal presence delivered effectively what is required of a good record while also urging a total worship. The outro at the end became distinctive with the finesse of the chords, this is a lovely song I would love to wake up to every morning.”

“Warm strings prepare the way for Linda's flawless vocal, and even when she ascends through her register, the tenderness of the self-penned ballad abides. ”

"Linda has a sincerity in her voice, sounds like she is just being herself which is really refreshing"

"New Gospel Queen Linda Clark Set to Inspire"

“To sum her life up, Clark created an album entitled, New Beginnings. “I really wanted to bring it all together,” Clark said. “To tell someone else that regardless of their age or what they’ve been through, they can always have a fresh start.””

“Opening with lush strings and maintaining the laid-back but urgent forward motion of a gospel ballad with jazz undertones, “New Beginnings” is about being reborn. “All things have passed away / Behold, I’m new in Christ today.””

"The Lady Behind the Angelic Voice"... Linda has a voice like an angel...Linda Clark is clearly kind, compassionate, loving and a strong woman...Keep an eye out and an ear open for this gifted Artist.

“Clark’s lovely and adept mezzo-soprano sells the song. It’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right as she navigates the melody line, making singing sound effortless. No doubt her training, including singing with the 6th Infantry Division (Light) Army Jazz Band while serving her country, helped her hone her estimable talent. -Bob Marovich”

"New Beginnings"...."That song has so much feeling and so much passion you can tell that it was written from a sincere heart with a true love for God,"-Joyce Dodson of Operation Rising Star

“Linda Clark’s vocals will capture your attention right from the first word, the song itself has a real soothing feel to it, quality Gospel music...Linda Clark is a very talented Gospel singer, her vocals are unique and the emotional feelings from her vocals shine through in her music and can really be felt.”