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“Breathe deep. Fill your lungs. Center. Relax. Bring more oxygen to your muscles; your heart will be racing soon enough. … Lil Sum’n Sum’n is a bridge between jammin’ music from the West, Rock ‘n’ Roll hailing to the East, ecstatic tribal music of the South, and intricate rhythmic interplay beckoning the Northern fury. Into the Deep is an opportunity to experience a wholly different perception of what dimensions music and rhythm are able to conjure. Gil Gonzalez and Lisa Wimberger intertwine in life and music, through the Kan’Nal (KanNal.org) family of bands; Lunar Fire, Inti,and shamanic journey movie “The Portal” They create a hand-woven trapeze, a rippling suspension bridge uniting intense psychedelia and the best of the underground raves. Over twenty melodic percussion instruments are featured, including guest vocals from Ariana Saraha. Beauty made sound, the body freed, to move, to flow, to breathe, deep. ”

Guy Erickson - Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“This show was beautiful! All the world beats and grooves....kept everyone dancing. LIl Sum'n Sum'n knows how to entertain!”

“Lisa Wimberger and her husband, Gilly Gonzalez, are percussionists extraordinaire!”

“The pair’s new disc, “Into the Deep” showcases artists at the top of their games. Rather than devolving into pointless drum circle self-indulgence or spacing out in a peyote-induced haze, Gonzalez and Wimberger use hang drums, tablas, doumbeks, dounouns, congas, ocean drums, frame drums, pots and pans, shakers, udus, drones, ballaphones, and tap dancing to create actual songs that tell stories and guide journeys. Gonzalez has been a drummer since he was a teen and Wimberger came to percussion through dance, but both draw on Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban, African and American rhythms to craft their captivating compositions. For a stunning example of this duo’s artistry, steal “Bamsa” right now.”

“Husband-and-wife duo Lisa Wimberger and Gil “Gilly” Gonzalez combine to play more than a dozen instruments — most of them percussive — and when matched with background drones, guest chanters and the occasional tap dancing intro, their talents take listeners on an incredible musical journey. With influences including Afro-Cuban, African, Middle Eastern and even American beats and rhythms, Lil Sum’n Sum’n creates thoroughly engrossing world music that is far more than a collection of groovy tunes to listen to. For some, it is an otherworldly experience. ”