LiLa / Press

"LiLa is making a tradition of being the Bull City's Christmas hangover ."

"loads of energy.. thoroughly enjoyed"

"LiLa is an amazing Durham sextet that defies genre and electrifies crowds."

"..so brightly lit that LiLa is not on the radar, the radar is on LiLa."

"There was a burning intensity present under that great canopy as the bass pounded out into the night sky and over a gathering of engaged onlookers."

"LiLa concocts wistful, reflective pieces brimming with harmonies and lyrical complexity"

"Hit after hit had the small but enthusiastic crowd jumping like house of pain."

"It will pull at your heart and make you think all at the same time."

"answers came in the form of motion, exhileration, and brilliance"

"LiLa brings new light to Durham"

"Together with the old-school rap flow and full band, their sound is large and memorable."

"This Durham group blends a very eclectic musical style with hip-hop and kills everything they write."

"LiLa is a gem in the heart of today's music that is waiting to unleash its shine to the world."

"soul packed in the places you'd least expect"