Lilac Shadows / Press

“Recording in the middle of the floor, Lilac Shadows indulged the dimly lit space's post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The setting had a palpable effect on the sessions and their result, the remarkable and arresting EP, Brutalism. Undeniably shaded by the dystopian environment, these songs offer a remarkable leap for an already-capable outfit. From No Dark/No Light, Lilac Shadows have entered full-on dark, abandoning any earlier ebullience.”

“Over the course of the record, Logan refuses to settle into a single mood, preferring to roil through '60s psychedelia escapes and '80s shoegaze textures, urgent indie rock and even ballad-like reverie. No Dark/No Light doesn't drift into hodgepodge indecision; as the sequence unfolds, with the moods twisting and shifting, the closer, "Drone," reprises that initial heartbeat. The cycle feels wonderfully complete.”

“Speakers In Code has been fans of Durham's Lilac Shadows since their beginnings, and their latest record, Brutalism, is no exception. It's moody and atmospheric, there's punctuation in one of the song titles (okay, so I'm the only one of us who looks for that in a record, so sue me, I like parentheses and semicolons), and the band's sound just keeps getting bigger and more layered.”

“Sometimes a band settles on the perfect name, such as with Lilac Shadows. This moody, '80s-flavored psych-gaze perfectly inhabits that hour after sunset when everything shifts through blues and purples and on to black. These songs are catchy, gorgeously constructed emotional epics, and while there are notes of optimism keeping total gloom at bay, this is still nearly as foreboding as The The's masterpiece, Dusk.”

“In Lilac Shadows, Logan maintains his taste for tunefulness, but he piles elements on top of it. He adds hefty effects and distortion, transforming breezy, lightweight hooks into something brawnier.”

“On their proper debut, the eight-song A Shallow Madness EP, Logan [...] infuses the jangling guitars and warm melodies with shadows of shoegaze and light-psych, and a slight electronic gloss that is purely early-aughts, even as it takes cues from a long line of shimmering pop.”

"There’s some aspect of ethereal dream-pop in Lilac Shadows, but I’d be more inclined to use words like 'psychedelic' and 'spaced out' than 'airy' or 'gauzy' to describe them. [...] Their guitars are one of the airy, gauzy bits that makes me think of Slowdive. That bit alone makes it worth the price of admission [to Hopscotch Music Festival]."

“Lilac Shadows have crafted an airy, exquisite EP titled Shallow Madness. The 8 track EP alternates between instrumental tracks and vocal tracks. As if you get an intermission between each song that gears you up for what’s to come. A truly ingenious idea on their part. Standout tracks like ‘A Shallow Madness’ have you hypnotized, while ‘What Dreams’ sounds as if you’re hearing a shadowy story. Between the harmonious vocals and musing synths, you really don’t have a chance. Each song carries it’s own lustrous weight, stirring up those gleaming emotions we have buried somewhere inside”

"Shallow Madness" requires intense brooding as it provokes, reaches deep and remains difficult to sum up. With each of its four songs stretching to at least five minutes, the soundscapes Shadows paints are lush and intricate, a combination of psychedelic-pop crescendos and gentle waves of synth. The soundtrack of twisted whimsical fairytale, this record loops and sharply changes course time again, washing over the airwaves with an innocuous, enchanting haze. The genre-bending song “A Shallow Madness” delicately launches the album, as Logan’s vocals are gently accompanied by soft and bouncing synth. But it’s when the growing sound transitions to “What Dreams” that the listener becomes fully engulfed. Full of eerie guitar and pensive pauses, it’s this song that invites us to crawl under the rippled blanket of sound the band has orchestrated. Once hooked, there isn’t any turning back.

“The initial demos color his catchy melodies in nervy distortion, lo-fi blasts that put late, strung-out nights in a tuneful light. The newly released Shallow Madness EP delivers on the demos’ promise, mixing’60s pop with 90s shoegaze and a penchant for 80s back beats. It’s an intoxicating mixture, at once hypnotic and unsettling.”

“In Lilac Shadows [Sam Logan] and a crew of excellent backers refract the rays a bit, letting melodies anchor six-minute explorations rather than three-minute exercises. This music is immersive and addictive, baiting you back toward its heat-wave radiance with songs that stick”

“Lilac Shadows—the stormy new project from Sam Logan—has been teasing with demos and samples for the better part of a year. Logan maintains his long-running knack for breathless hooks here, but just as Gross Ghost does, he willfully distances them, flanking them with tangents of drone and textures of noise.”

"As the leader of the bigger, darker Lilac Shadows, Logan has fashioned songs that sail with super-smooth momentum, riding earworm hooks to irresistible catharsis. In his current outfit, Logan and a team of Triangle pop rock aces bolster his songs with tremendous walls of shadowy distortion. It's a mix of light and dark that could come off as trite, an attempt to grow the mystique of his music without actually having to change it much. But Logan's new shoegazing tones bolster his large-hearted songs, providing a crushing counterpoint to his romantic ideals."

"From the first gritty slide down the guitar string I was in love. I was not astounded or blown away. Just simply in love. In love with the melody. In a deep seedy romance with dreamy, dark and intelligent lyrics. This seems like music that was made for driving down long stretches of highway during humid summer nights. The beauty of this sound is that it lulls you in, a pied piper of melody and rhythm, yet the energy of the band keeps you engaged. My last impression of Lilac Shadows, if Allison and John Bender from the Breakfast Club got married and had a child, this would be the poetry it carved into the desk during detention. Like I said, in love."

"The new tunes retain Logan's classically catchy melodies, but repackage them with crushing riffs and a haze of blackened fuzz. Nodding to shoegaze but percolating with garage-pop tenacity, they're both cerebral and kinetic."

"Lilac Shadows' paisley world shimmers in waves of distortion, evoking stoned late-nights swaying beneath the twinkle of city lights. While obviously informed by shoegaze, their psych-rock's not as creamy and overpowering, exploring a drier, more austere sound at times reminiscent of the Black Angels' arid shelter. Led by Sam Logan and Derek Torres, the band appears to be the sibling outgrowth of their band T0W3RS"

"Oddly ethereal psych-rock, [Lilac Shadows] sound like a late night collaboration between Kurt Vile and Angelo Badalamenti"