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"We're Like Totally!, and it's party time!" With this raucous cry begins Good Mews, the Kickstarter-funded debut album from the long-running local "kindie rock" outfit. What follows is 25 minutes of pathologically catchy, criminally ridiculous music, a straight-up silly set of songs ostensibly geared towards children but, also, as that somewhat awkward genre tag suggests, hip, discerning parent-approved. And even if you're not a parent, chances are you'll find something to like here; this stuff is, by and large, irresistible. A lot of that has to do with the fact that, unlike most contemporary "adult" music, there is no irony involved in Like Totally!'s artistic approach. To listen to Good Mews is to realize how cynical you have become—you crabby old coot—but it is also to rediscover a certain youthful joy. It's not uncommon, at a Like Totally! gig, to see moms and dads joining their kids in joyous, impromptu dance sessions; you get the sense that they're losing themselves in the m

“We also invited some of our favorite rising stars to play a few songs—The Viking Progress, Grass Giraffes, Cicada Rhythm and Like Totally!—each of whom snagged nominations in this year's show (folk, upstart, upstart and live act, respectively).”

“The ceremony opened with a playful performance by twee-pop ensemble Like Totally! As they played, women dressed in farm animal costumes froliced through the aisles, urging audience members to jump while tossing out glow-in-the-dark bands. The performance set the evening’s mood-- jovial and lighthearted, yet tempered by moments of sincere musical bliss.”

“Like Totally! kicked things off with their quirky brand of kid-friendly pop, and their adorable dancers stuck around all night to give out awards. We got a serious case of the warm fuzzies several times during the night.”

“Can't make it up to Brooklyn this weekend for Kindiefest? No worries; Athens' own purveyors of hip, family-friendly pop are throwing their own bash in our backyard. After a three-year hiatus, Jenny "Lady Scientist" Woodward (The Woodworks, Vestibules) reformed Like Totally! about a year ago and is making a real go of it in the kids' music world—her bi-monthly kids' dance parties at Flicker have become so popular that they'll soon be moving to a bigger venue, and Like Totally! has become the in-demand band for birthday parties. In the spirit of the newly dubbed "kindie" genre, Like Totally! offers parents blissful respite from the often tiresome world of children's music. Woodward keeps the lyrics sweet and silly without dumbing down the melodies, so kids of all ages can enjoy tunes about life's simple pleasures: pets, playtime and cookies (in moderation, of course).Joined by her backing band of costumed characters (The Friendly Pirate, Unruly Cowboy, Mailman Mack and more)...."”

“All the best kids shows and movies throw in a few winks and nudges for the parents to enjoy, and Like Totally! offers that, too. If you have any love for whimsy, it's hard not to smile watching this colorful cast of costumed merry-makers sing songs about friendship and discovery."”

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