Like Clockwork / Press

“I said it when I heard this as a demo and I'll say it again: genius. This is one of the best records I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and reviewing. Buy it. If you don't like it, there's something wrong with you....or me.....or both of us.”

“Similar to Nine Inch Nails in that Like Clockwork is simply musical prodigy Jesse Astin, the situation is beyond good it's better than 90% of the music that is currently label affiliated right now.”

“LIKE CLOCKWORK, "A Cross In The Ground" (self-release); searing break up album becomes the sophomore effort from this vehicle for intensely spurned singer/songwriter Jesse Astin.”

“When I speak of potential in bands, this is what I mean. And I’m glad to see that it actually happens.”

“Everything about this screams chick band to me.”

“Despite being rather lo-fi, the mixing and production is actually so good you think that it’s cynical—like “just because my music sounds like the work of a bedroom musician doesn’t mean it has to sound like the work of a bedroom musician”.”

“Like Clockwork harnesses the inner-tickings and aural impulses that float within his mind and personifies them; Astin is the music, and the music is Astin.”

“Musically adventurous and emotionally honest, Jesse Astin is a young artist who is only beginning to show the world the depth of his talent. A Cross In The Ground is a mesmerizing work of musical art.”

“This is some of the most emotionally draining music I've ever heard. It's like Astin scrubbed his mind of every thought, then wrung out the sponge into these songs. I feel like I know Jesse Astin after listening to this album. That's how much emotion was put into this. Its truly amazing.”

“Emotionally powerful, Like Clockwork couples heartfelt, passionate vocals (at times, reminiscent of the awkward, wavering Conor Oberst style) with intricate, creative indie rock and electro elements.”

“Like Clockwork, the brainchild of Atlanta's Jesse Astin, showcases some of the most unique talent on the indie rock scene. Their music is a blend of rich, electronic textures with straight-ahead pop punk.”