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“New Zealand rockers, Like A Storm, have just broken a US radio station record with their new single “Love the Way You Hate Me”. The hard rock song, which features singer Chris Brooks playing the didgeridoo, shattered the existing record on 101.5FM The Banana’s “Cockfight” song competition – by winning every single night for an entire month. (Read full article at link)”

“Like A Storm now holds the all time record as champ in the Cockfight. And as kings of the Cockfight, we figure it’s time to retire them until someone else can attain as many wins to challenge them for that crown.”

“Like a Storm is going for the record of most wins on the Cockfight. They’ve been walking away as the champs night after night and just smoking everyone that gets in their way. The band just released a video for that very same song that has been kicking ass on The Cockfight. Check out their video for ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’.”

“Like A Storm's 'Love The Way You Hate Me' is going up against 3 Pill Morning's 'Nothing's Real'!!”

“Matt Brooks and Garrett Whitlock talk "Love The Way You Hate Me Tour" with Detroit Rock City Music TV!”

“Oct.30th LAS holds another show on StageIt! Tix are $5!!!”


“Photo Album from the first show kicking off the Love The Way You Hate Me Fall Tour at The Foundry in Jackson, MI”

“Photo album of Like A Storm during the headlining performance at The Machine Shop in Flint,MI”

“Interview with Matt Brooks- Matt talks headlining The Machine Shop and Chaos Theory Pt 2”

“Photo album of Like A Storm in the Banana 101 Studio promoting their headlining show at The Machine Shop in Flint,MI”

“Exclusive Photo Coverage of "Like A Storm" at The Krazee Kafe”

“Exclusive Photo Coverage of Like A Storm at the Backstage Lounge in Vancouver,BC”

“Exclusive Photo Coverage of "Like A Storm" at Shamrocks in Omaha,Nebraska”

“ROUSH Performance announces Kent Brooks as winner of Rockin' The Redline Distractor Face Contest”

"Like A Storm" appearance on Great Day KCWI 23,Des Moines,Iowa

“Show Review of Like A Storm Acoustic Set at Uncle Joe's Bar in Chesterton,IN”

“Interview with Matt Brooks”

“Interview with Kent and Matt Brooks”

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“Album Review of Like A Storm Album "Worlds Collide:Live From The Ends Of The Earth"”

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“Kyle Bloom talks "Like A Storm" hitting Cullen's Cove in Richmond”

“Kyle Bloom talks "Like A Storm" at Cullen's Cove in Richmond”

“Photo album of Like A Storm at The Machine Shop”

“Interview with Matt and Chris Brooks”

“Interview with Matt Brooks”

“Interview with Matt Brooks”

“Album Review for "Chaos Theory Part 1"”

“Album review for "Chaos Theory Part 1"”